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Dbd exclusives

Mr_DigiMr_Digi Member Posts: 128
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Exclusives used to be something nice to have, but after the shop released. they made skins that look almost the exact same :( The claudette and Meg exclusive have a skin that look the exact same, only the t-shirts inside of the jackets have a change? Golden feng min has a skin thats the exact same... only the color is a bit more brown?

I think they should make exclusives great again... Dont get me wrong, i'm happy they make skins, but why make skins that look the same? i would love if they could change the look-alike skins or change the exclusives in some way.. Make the exclusives unique <3

i'm sure you devs have alot to focus on, but maybe in the future <3

@Peanits @not_Queen @Patricia

any thoughts?

EDIT: I just think that exclusives should be easy to tell apart from other skins, so you can clearly see that someone has a exclusive skin, just wish it was something unique about having it like it was before

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  • MonsterInMyMindMonsterInMyMind Member Posts: 2,744

    The way queen worded it on the 3 year stream this coming event skins will be exclusive so cross your fingers they are.

  • Mr_DigiMr_Digi Member Posts: 128

    i also hope the current ones get some love <3 thay are no longer unique because they have skins that look the same in the shop :( they lost their fame :( would love to see that change

  • ArrozArroz Member Posts: 1,433

    Exclusive doesn't even need to exist...

    Anyways the shop cosmetic are better than that ugly golden feng min

  • weirdkid5weirdkid5 Member Posts: 2,093

    I just want them to give me back my Legacy I stayed up for nearly 48 hours the last two days to complete, only to have my save file wiped, as your data used to be saved to the CLIENT instead of the server. This made it so when Steam updated, if you were playing DbD, there was a high likelihood your save data would just get deleted. I have a couple ways to prove I had it too.

    No other exclusives matter to me.

  • Mr_DigiMr_Digi Member Posts: 128

    So then you agree that there's nothing special about them... because of the skins in the shop. and thats why i think it should be changed... If you dont like them, thats fine. But they used to be unique because it was something a small % of players had. but now because they have skins that look the same in the shop, there's nothing unique about having them anymore. Thats what i would love to see change

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