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Time wasting balance

stvnhthrstvnhthr Member Posts: 46

What are the time wasting balancers that killers face? For instance Hex Ruin, Pig traps, Corrupt Intervention, etc. all add additional time wasting activities for survivors. What are the time wasters which add additional tasks killers have to perform? For instance sabotaged hooks auto repair, not a real deterrent since sabotaging hooks itself is an additional task and wastes the survivor's time not the killers. Since the killers already have more advantages (speed, immortal, unable to be wounded, less game lag, no skill checks, no escape tasks, etc.) I am curious what additional tasks they have to accomplish to complete their primary task of hunting and killing?

For instance if the hooks could be cursed for three minutes, or cellar door could be closed, or weapons could be disabled, etc.

I play mainly as a survivor, but for Daily Rituals I will play as killer and the lack of balance is so obvious. I have no problem hooking all four survivors routinely. I know for a fact it is highly unbalanced, but I also realize that is part of the reason it is fun. Survivors are so heavily outgunned they are always the underdog, and people love to root for the underdog.


  • Financial_StabilityFinancial_Stability Member Posts: 38

    Oh my. You have not been to R1 as killer based on your post. As little as rank matters, there is a difference between 20 and 1, and you need to experience it to understand it. Killers are not more powerful than survivors except for maybe 3 of the killers.

  • Aari_Piggy66Aari_Piggy66 Member Posts: 1,095

    Can you get to higher ranks as killer you do not have time to be messing about with secondary objectives.

    Hell even chasing a survivor for too long could be the difference between a lost game and a win and that's doing your job.

    Reason why survivors are given secondary objectives is because the main factor that there are multiple survivors means that even the one person is dealing with Eastside objectives ok getting a rbt trap off, two to three other survivors could be working on generators.

    Long and short of it the reason why you able to give survivors these hindrance objectives is because even though one is busy progress can still be done by the others. As for Killers you can barely waste your time not doing your job optimally let alone waste your time doing side objectives that don't give you any progression

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 2,531

    Killers have barely enough time to move from one side of a map to the other without a generator popping.

  • tariousxtariousx Member Posts: 28

    Find survivor > Chase > Get Looped > Eat Pallet > Break Pallet > Find survivor > Chase > Get Looped > Maybe get a hit > Repeat > Repeat

    Killer time is always wasted.

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 785

    Dbd is the kind of game where as you climb you start to see one side grow stronger then the other. Killer in low ranks is definatly powerful but as survivours grow more efficient the number of effective tricks that work in your killer arsenal start to decrease due to survivour competence growing. The game should aim to balance around high tier play but be more generous to survivours points wise in power ranks to allow the sting of being crushed being lessened. Maybe survivour scorong categoies like last man standing or martyr would be a cool idea.

    The current issues now is that most killers are unplayable due to a large number of maps being too large making it so the killer has to cover more ground forcing exclusively mobile killers to be played in high ranks. Spirit, hag, billy and nurse all cross the map very fast due to there powers allowing them to cover large distances on most maps.

    If you struggle to believe this then i encourage you to push your rank as killer with some of the midtier killers and see how you do. Currently dbd needs to tone back map sizes and improve some of the weaker killers. Killer like nurse and billy need specific changes i.e. Omega/extra blink add ons need to have the range reduced or stronger consequnces. Billy simply needs a longer cooldown on a missed chainsaw hit. Not leatherface tantrum level or legion cd level but a reasonable cooldown to reduce the gap closed for billy when using the saw to catch up to survivours.

    There also needs to be some changes to existing survivour perk changes. Adrenaline needs to lose the health state or the ms bonus. MoM has to be way riskier punishing players who fail to prove there mettle instead of making it a low risk high reward perk. Noed needs to lose its ms bonus but retain the instadown so brute forcing loops with noed isnt possible unless the player outplays the survivour.

    I have ideas for mid tier killer changes but they would take a lot longer to explain. These ideas are a culmination of my experiances playing both sides to a high level and are imo the most imbalanced aspects of dbd. Moris and instas I wont go into too much detail but those changes are again more complicated to balance.

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 313

    Balance moris is easy. Like Overcharge: "a tremendously difficult Skill Check" to escape

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 785
    edited June 16


    Hell no skill checks should not deny a mori. You know old ds despite having the exact same skill check was hit 95% of my games. I'll address how i would handle moris and instas.

    Moris should have no advantage minus killing a player who is on death hook. This still has some advantages not using a hook or making save that point on impossible. Make each mori dictate how many can be moried on death hook. Yellow = 1 mori Green = 2 mori's Pink = 4 mori's.

    Instas need to lose the full health state and have the needle be the only thing giving a survivour a health state injured to healthy down to injured. The styptic should give the survivour a bt effect once applied. Similar to bt it lasts a certain length of time allowing some counter play from the killers side and it also creates a mindgame for survivours where it can bait the killer into thinking there about to down a player only to find out that survivour has styptic just before taking aggro.

    Dont get me wrong what i am suggesting is a nerf to these items but if both moris and instas were nerfed simultaneously it would imo be better for dbd as a game.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 1,865

    Head on, Decisive strike, literally every pallet.

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