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Let's Talk About Survivor Team/Altruism Perks.

PanduhPanduh Member Posts: 50
edited June 14 in Feedback and Suggestions

Hey! Today I wanted to open a thread talking about something that happened to leader, but also the state of some of the more teamwork/altruistic oriented perks which happen to be some of my favorite.

Leader - A few patches ago, Leader was stealth changed, people no longer see they have the buff until they're already on something that is affected by it IE totems, healing, and boxes. This has affected incentive for my teammates to heal me, break totems, and search chests and whatnot. Please change it back! I also think it could use a longer residual effect as well as small point scores for increasing a teammate's speed.

Prove Thyself - In my eyes, a pointless perk. It mitigates something that wasn't really there before (the debuff), for a strategy that you mostly shouldn't use aka working on gens together, because it's always been better to work on them separately.

Streetwise - Streetwise is finally getting buffed! Praise be! We'll see how it is, but I think it could use a bit longer of a residual effect for your teammates.

Open-Handed - if this perk also affected timed aura reading perks IE Alert, Buckle-up, Breakdown. I think it'd be more versatile(giving them slightly longer active time)

Up The Ante - poopoo-garbage tier :( more things should be positively affected by luck! Like great skill check size or skill check location for starters. This way it isn't just Deliverance-Lite.

Aftercare - Pretty good perk not a lot of issues.

Vigil - poopoo-garbage again :(( There's lots of experiments that could be attempted to buff this perk. Time-exclusive exposed status (MYC, H:HG, IM) added to the recovery list, maybe a stronger percentage number(less powerful than you think, because that still doesn't mean recovery while running, so it doesn't affect chases more than a little), changing SButch's mangled to be timed so it's soft-counterable.

-Vigil is also BUGGED at the moment, it can periodically pause your exhausted status for a variable period of time.-

Kindred - Good perk for solo play.

Agree or Disagree? Let me know! I want more perk variety and viability in the meta-game!

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