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The Dressmaker (original killer) - DukeReds

Living her youths under the oppressing boot of men, Elizabeth Tyler wasted most of her life working a thankless job and making sure other, richer women had the best clothes and garments in the land, even though she would never get to wear them. Invisible to any respectable man, she was never asked to marry, and withered her glory years under the spiteful gaze of others, unloved and disregarded. This until, one day, something fundamental inside her broke, and all the laws of ethics were suddenly no longer important. Using a rusty pair of scissors, which Elizabeth has been forced to work with for many years, she murdered everyone in the tailor's she worked in ever since she could remember. Silently and without remorse, every soul in the shop was dead in a swift and bloody killing spree. Her life never had any meaning, and now that no law or shame stood in her way, Elizabeth was finally free. In a moment of haze, the whole room around her darkened and spun with a deep creek, like an ancient tree that was being pulled from the grounds. Tendrils of darkness reached from all around her and grabbed every bit of her body in an unbreakable snare, and pulled, but not in a certain direction, but pulled her whole being into another realm. A realm without conventional rules. A realm under a rule of a single being. The Entity now had another pawn in its game, and Elizabeth was ready to please her new benefactor. There were unsuspecting souls ready to be harvested and pain to be inflicted, and The Dressmaker was finally able to get her revenge.

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