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Dying state Laurie

As Laurie took several stabs at different angles, most just grazes she could not tough through the stab Michael delivered.. she knew she could not survive another hooking.. this dark being was so close to taking her the last time she was. As Michael approached Laurie, Dwight couldn’t bare to lose her so he tried pulling her back by shoulders but was too exhausted from the endless night. He has become family with all these people in the same situation as he was in. Michael crouched down, Dwight crying.. hoping this went differently... but lucky for him his family had a plan.
Hi Devs! I drew this with black ballpoint pen! I can take a picture with this piece to prove it’s mine upon request. I hope you like :)
IG- _denim_denim_denim
Gamertag- DenimTheTribute
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