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"Am I pretty?"(The Spirit) -by Tsumiko

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Cosmetic Name: Am I pretty?


Hi! Congratulations on your third anniversary!

I am posting from Japan.

This is a drawn cosmetic based on the concept of a "Slit Mouth Woman(Kuchisake-Onna)" who is a famous ghost in Japan.

I love horror movies and I love "The Spirit" based on the concept of Japanese horror.

Through her, I would like to tell you the famous ghost stories in Japan.

At night, she is waiting under the streetlight for you to pass.

And she ask to you.

"Am I pretty?"

If you answer "Yes", she removes the surgical mask and asks again.


Her mouth under the mask is torn to the ear.

If you see it, you will be scared and answer "…No".

Then she gets angry, tears you up with scissors and kills you.

What if I run and run away…?

She has fast legs and chases at 80 km / h.

If you answered "No" from the beginning…

If you answered "Yes" to the end…

All ends are the same. She kills you.

It would be horrible if she were to be a killer in the "Dead by Daylight" world.

I would like to play with this cosmetic.

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