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Survivor Hair Change Feedback

Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,109

Unfortunately I have no pictures to show you all the hairstyle changes, but I’ll still give my opinion on all of them. If there are any that I missed please let me know so that I can edit this accordingly.

Meg: Her only change was the long red hairpiece and while the loose strands on the face are a nice touch, the hair itself looks like painted straw and looks far worse than how did before. I’d prefer they don’t change this one.

Claudette: She has 3 hairpieces that were changed, all of them being the wave headpieces. The changes to these are awful, they look scraggly and badly trimmed. In addition, they added unneeded hair physics to them and made them far less poofy than how they originally were. The last thing about them is that they changed the hair color to make them look even worse overall. This is another set that I’d rather not see pointlessly changed.

Jake: His long hair heads are changed slightly to make the front have more strands and it looks better overall. It's slight but it looks better.

Nea: She had 4 total head changes, only one of which looks good. The long green headpiece looks much better, the coloring overall more even and natural and it looks a lot closer to the promo image; the only downside is that there are see-through patches in it when the game is on low settings, which weren’t there before. Her other 3 heads (all being the tomboy ones) look awful. The ones with the baseball caps look unnatural with the placement and all three look like hay. Not to mention the coloring was changed to make them look gross and the don’t really look good with their base outfits anymore. So I’d like to see the green hair go through, but the other three either need major fixing or just be left alone.

Feng: Her main three long head pieces were changed and all of them look bad, especially the blonde one. These didn’t need to be touched at all, but they made the hair look worse and added these fake looking bangs onto her head that make it look like she’s wearing a bad wig.

Kate: Almost all of Kate’s hair was changed in some way and I think that almost all of them look good. Her base hair was made fuller and less see-through and they also made her P3 head better, adding more blood to the hair. Her newest headpiece (the dancer one) and the climbing hat look far better than before and are large improvements over the originals; making the hair look more natural and less patchy. The only one that looks bad is the sunglasses one, which looks like her hair was made out of straw and you can see through it similar to Nea’s green hair. Overall good improvements that should go into the live version.

Those are my thoughts and I hope some of these heads are improved before they change them because most of them are a straight up downgrade and it’d be dumb to have these heads be so drastically changed after a lot of people have purchased them.

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