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DetectiveCookieh Plague

DetectiveCookiehDetectiveCookieh Member Posts: 18

I don't think this one is worthy enough to be on here since this was just a quick photo. I never got the chance to quite have a better photoshoot as her. But I think it was a pretty alright job for being done in 2 weeks only, 3 days ish after the PTB came out.

Decided to put some smoke behind me because the white wall was so boring to look at. Hope it's alright, otherwise I'll just use my Pig for it instead.

I also never got the chance to try this makeup before the con so this was a rushed first-try makeup. I'm especially very proud and happy with the face prosthetic I made. The neck and chest was an actual pain to remove.


  • DetectiveCookiehDetectiveCookieh Member Posts: 18

    Oh I forgot to mention ;-;

    This photo is taken by Magnus Startseth and edited by me!

    Everything is made by me on the costume.

  • RoKruegerRoKrueger Member Posts: 1,371

    That look great. Im sure you cursed in all the ancient tongues as you removed the neck and chest make up ;-)

  • SenySeny Member Posts: 18

    So awesome ♥♥♥ I really hope there will be another photoshoot one day! (Also, black hair suits you so well?!)

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