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left behind rework idea

you are altruistic and you are ready to do everything to save your teammates

every time you perform a safe hook you will gain a token,when the gates are powered,if you reached 3 tokens,pressing the action key will instantly open the gate,you will now have the exposed status for 30/25/20 seconds,and the entity will block the exit gates for you for 60/55/50 seconds


  • ZVomZVom Member Posts: 102

    Nearly impossible to trigger. Unhooking 3 players after powering gates is ridiculous. Blocking gates for the player and giving exposed status are even more irrelevant.

    Very bad idea... sorry.

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    Give Left Behind something else to work around, not Exit Gates. And buff Wake Up.

  • billoverbeckbilloverbeck Member Posts: 23

    uhm no you havo to unhook the survivor whenever in the trial,i think you mistunderstood

  • ZVomZVom Member Posts: 102

    Still doesnt change anything. Reward is just so weird, gives you more disadvantages than pros. sometimes, you dont want to open gates too early.

  • billoverbeckbilloverbeck Member Posts: 23

    exactly because this perk represent the sacrifice of bill to save his friends,still you want to play l4d to understand,i don't think you do XD

  • JFFJFF Member Posts: 163

    My suggestion would be:

    For each safe unhook you gain a token, up to maximum of 3 tokens. When you're the last survivor alive you gain bonus for each token gained.

    1. token. You open exit gates 25% faster.
    2. tokens. You open exit gates 50% faster.
    3. tokens. You're able to see hatch aura.
  • sliptteesslipttees Member Posts: 772

    Developers do not want to hurt the killers and do not decrease the chance killers in 1vs1, because for them it's very fair.

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