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DetectiveCookieh NOED Totem!

Here's my NOED Hex Totem! :'3 I made everything from scratch and what makes me incredibly proud of this photograph is that this photo is 100% unedited! :'D I had made a DbD flashlight but I asked my friend to shine it at the Totem while I was taking photos of it to see if it would look cool and this was the result! Due to the cold blue color in the flashlight, it gave off a very awesome effect! I love experimenting with stuff to get great photos! <3 Could even show you guys how the photo looks in the camera if you're interested!

Here's how I made the totem if anyone wants to know!

The Bones:

The bones are made out of aluminum foil balls that I sqeezed together (4 for each bone, different sizes ofc) and then I pressed paper and glue together in a machine I had to wind up to make a hard durable paper stick. Then I wrapped aluminum foil around the stick, taped the aluminum balls to the end of the sticks and wrapped several layers of the aluminum foil around everything to give more volume to everything. After it was done I dipped plaster strips into water mixed with black coffee create a nice color for the bones. I also weathered it with black and brown acrylics mixed with water later on. I had to epoxy glue the bones together to make them stable and hold the sticks together!

The Skulls:

I took a halloween decoration I had at home and made a pattern with duct tape and plastic over the skull then I sculpted everything up with Aluminum foil and later on plaster strips on that as well! Also dipped in coffee and weathered the same way. I stuffed hard compressed paper balls in the skulls to make sure they were holding together well and so that there wouldn't be just air in them.

Mini Skulls & Bottle:

I just sculpted them with airdrying clay, put 3 layers of woodglue to seal it then painted it with silver acrylics spraypaint. The bottle was an old ''school glue'' that I emptied, heated to shape it differently and cut off pieces to make it the shape I want. Added woodglue to the bottle and painted it. I made a hole in the cap then I made a TIIIIINY noose and added a little secret in it ;)

This is the secret that is attached to the noose ^

Bag, Candle and MedKit:

The bag is just a circle I cut out with fabric, attached a rope, filled the bag and pulled the rope together after making a zig zag pattern with the rope through the fabric. The candles are wax candles with fake lights in them and batteries go in at the bottom. The medkit is a cardboard kinda material I used to remake an old box to a medkit ^^

Photo and props are made entierly by me. PLEASE credit me if you upload it anywhere please! <3

My instagram name is cookiehchar and my reddit is DetectiveCookieh :'3

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