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Suggestion to help game more dynamic gen wise

What if there was a way to make it so at the beginning of a match there are 3 random generators broken which cannot be repaired without a specific item found in match (Which is found in a random chest in map) This would force your team to have to fix at least one of them to repair it if they want to complete all 5 gens. This should if anything make the game a little longer and can add a bit of strategy as to wether you as a survivor attempt to fix one of those gens immediately or take your chances that you can do one last. This also helps killers as it hopefully extends the Gametime allowing them more time to hunt and also could potentially allow them to also plan how they want to approach the game wether it's patrolling all gens or just those not broken and risking them being repaired early. This could also allow for less killers to run Ruin knowing they can have a longer game which will help them run different builds since ATM it's rough playing without Ruin.

Side Note: The item can be in the form of having to nail consecutive hard skillchecks (Say 5 skillchecks with a 4 second delay between and if you fail one the killer gets notified) And if failing a skillchecks it restarts the process giving the killer enough time to decide wether to try interfere or not.

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