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Prestige I/II/III Rewards

I have a small Idea. Prestiging a character doesn't feel rewarding nor do you have that feeling like "Now everyone is gonna see that I have kinda finished my Survivor/Killer".

What about after reaching a prestige level you gain the ultra rare offering [Bloody Fog Essence]. This offering rewards every player in the trial with 200% in every categorie like BPS. But it already rewards everyone with 8k escape or sacrifice points. You can just gain this offering due prestiging a character and you gain 1 for each prestige level (1 for level I, 2 for level 2, etc) and maybe after collecting every perk Level 3 on your character, you can gain 5 peaces of it.

And after you reached Prestige 3 Lv. 50 you gain a exclusive customisation set. You can choose between a blue or red legacy kinda look or a blackfogy look with some red.

And maybe later with some updates we can earn for each prestige level a peace of the backstory from the character.

In short: 1. Ultra rare offering that helps everyone to gain much faster Bloodpoints. 2. A special look that lets everyone see that your character is "experienced". 3. More interesting storys.

What do you think about the ideas?


  • MonsterInMyMindMonsterInMyMind Member Posts: 2,744

    People have long wanted another prestige skin but the word legacy scares people because they automatically think people are begging for another legacy which wont happen but im not against another glowing prestige would be nice to get another prestige skin but the devs had said its not in the current plans to look at prestige so RIP

  • RoKruegerRoKrueger Member Posts: 1,371

    I don't like that idea because, as a killer, I don't give anything to the survivors but a gruesome and painful death. That's the reason I don't use BPS as killer

  • steezo_desteezo_de Member Posts: 924

    I don't think that would work solely because players already have leveled up their characters to max without prestiging at all. If there is any reward, it should be cosmetic.

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899

    BHVR will eventually have to revamp the bloodweb system, they can't keep going like this forever, the grind is too much. After that happens people will beg for a legacy 2.0


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