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unplayable game 3.0.0!!

liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 144

it's a thing now to change sounds every update ? i had sound issues on 2.7.0, but turned out to be from me , after a file integrity check, problem solved. but now on 3.0.0 all files are ok, successfully validated, and still NO chase music, heartbeat volume is low, you don't know if killer is close to you or it's further away... settings are default (music 100% but in menu sounds like 5% , in game none. and 80% game volume ... other sounds as walking, running, repairing, are loud... seems pretty normal)


  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 2,618

    This games sounds just seems to be messed up in general. Just another thing the devs don't seem to get right.

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