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Ghost Face is the most dangerous killer released yet

lasombra1979lasombra1979 Member Posts: 1,142
edited June 2019 in General Discussions

He is. Think about it. Look at all the panic attacks and probably hospital visits due to stress induced health issues he has caused due to the hot fix announcement.


  • Ember_HunterEmber_Hunter Member Posts: 1,693

    I am a survivor main, and I liked him before nerf D:

  • Pike_TrickfootPike_Trickfoot Member Posts: 437

    This is when we find out they had a partnership with every regional hospital.

  • HavelmomDaS1HavelmomDaS1 Member Posts: 1,948

    Honestly, I'm currently forced to play survivor and with OoO I'm making a complete joke out of him. The only things surprising me is that I'm sometimes staring directly to ghostface but he doesn't break out of stalk mode and keep exposing everyone. Maybe a bug, not sure. However, basic M1 killer.

  • lasombra1979lasombra1979 Member Posts: 1,142

    @Pike_Trickfoot The next announcement will be BHVR has added stress relief medication with endorsed by the Trapper in the DBD store. Bundle deal if you buy it with the shirtless David pillow

  • Pike_TrickfootPike_Trickfoot Member Posts: 437

    @lasombra1979 I hope Samination sees this. Then watch it be a placebo and the David pillow not be shirtless or something, because business. Ask for the refund and get hit with the 'didn't you read the disclaimer on our products' line. xD

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,889

    People are just worried that they already announced nerfs to Ghost Facebefore even seeing hoe he is at high ranks. If he'll still be viable and good, than I wouldn't mind the nerfs either.

  • lasombra1979lasombra1979 Member Posts: 1,142

    @Pike_Trickfoot The pillow is actually the original "Entity" Nea instead of shirtless David. And the placebo is not a placebo but a hallucinogen created by the Clown and the Doctor working together. And Ghost Face is not actually the killer, it is actually the killer from Scary Movie.

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,559

    To clarify, detection range is not being changed. The detection area refers to the area of the screen that needs to be over Ghost Face in order to start revealing him. We're making this very slightly larger (8%, or 4% per side). This just makes it a little easier to detect Ghost Face during a chase if you have a hard time keeping the center of your camera on him, it won't make him any easier to reveal if you don't know where he is.

  • MegsAreEvilMegsAreEvil Member Posts: 819

    Actually the detection doesnt seem to work right! Starring at him while in chase doesnt do anything good.

  • koffeekoffee Member Posts: 2

    With ghostface's perks DBD need to make escaping the hook moderately more achievable considering survivors don't want to save other survivers.

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