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Ghostface Killers - Just dodge SWFs

SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

Like the Pig, his power is damn near useless against SWF. I don't know why the devs keep insisting on releasing 100% visible "stealth" killers when all it takes is one VoIP "KIller is coming over here/there." and completely negating their ability. Ghostface is especially worse, because a well coordinated SWF will always have one person playing lookout and negating his Night Shroud every time it's used.

For the pure solo players, he's pretty well balanced. I haven't gotten 4k with him yet for adept, but those 2-3k games have been fun, even have been complimented several times in post game chat for the fun round. I've caught a few by surprise (always fun) and been denied NS about as often because they don't have 2+ other people telling them where I'm going.

And don't even get me started on the stupidity of downed/hooked survivors canceling Night Shroud....

TLDR - Check if you're up against a SWF with GF, because you're very rarely ever going to be able to actually sneak up on people and your NS will be negated almost as soon as you activate it.

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