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GhostFace Expose

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Just faced a GhostFace for the first time and pretty much avoided him yet like all stealth playstyles, you eventually bump into each other. GhostFace & I legit bumped into each other and stand up, I'M LOOKING DEAD RIGHT AT HIM AND HIS EXPOSE PROCS? ######### DUDE? Ghostface right in my face, standing, and his expose still goess off????????????????????????????? Also during the match, I was looking at ghostface back, It took ages for him to lose night shroud.. He was once more pretty much in front of me, nothing blocking between us. Anyone else having this problem so far? And just to make clear I was looking at him more than the time REQUIRED to end his NS


  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    Staring at him doesn't instantly kill his NS anymore, thank deity. He's already pretty much useless against a competent SWF, being able to instantly deny his power was ridiculous.

    If his expose went off while you were staring at him, it means your meter was near full and he got it off before you canceled his NS.

    Working as intended. Learn the mechanics before you complain.

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    • No, what was ridcilous was spinning your camera 360 to disable his power yet for me and him to be face to face by accident and looking at each other, his power isn't disable in x amount of time is bullshit. I agree instantly losing the power was bullshit. I'm not asking for instantly. It shouldnt take that long to disable his night shroud espcially when we're actually staring at each other. Also i did read the changes, I was looking at him way longer than " Increased detection time to 1.5 seconds from 1 second"

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