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NOTE TO DEVS: How to make a fun and viable killer for all ranks. (No smartass intended <3)

The devs keep releasing killers that are NOT viable and I believe there are certain things a killer needs to be useful for all ranks:

  1. Map pressure
  2. Tracking (sometimes)
  3. Ability can be used mid-chase and/or assist in ending a chase
  4. A learning curve and/or mindgames
  5. Counterplay

These are the things a killer must have to become viable for all ranks. When you look at spirit, the best killer ever added to the game, (in my opinion) you will notice she has all of those. Spirit can be played at all ranks. The low rank players could play her with no knowledge about the game and still win because of her map pressure, and as they continue to play her or verse her, they'd learn she has more tricks up her sleeve. Of course high rank players know what shes capable of and can win against a coordinated team. This is a perfect equilibrium and how I wish for a chapter as perfect as spirits.

So what Im getting at here is... Devs need to stop listening to crying survivors (no offense if you are a survivor who fights for balance and or didnt use ds in its days) And STOP NERFING KILLERS RIGHT AFTER A TEST BUILD. The problem with the ptb is that it isnt realistic. So stop basing all the knowledge off of that. Ghostface can become viable in all ranks. He is so close but I am confident the devs will not make it that way. He needs map pressure and should be able to be spotted easier. That is better counter play, and strength in high ranks. I made a post about giving him the ability to teleport inside of lockers from far away. I know that is hard work, we deserve it though since there was no map, no survivor, and [BAD WORD] perks.

Make him strong, give him a learning curve. please.

Tell me your thoughts, I want answers not just upvotes and downvotes. This game can be balanced for all ranks.


  • WickedMilk03WickedMilk03 Member Posts: 624
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    @not_Queen @Peanits

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  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,246

    I'll upvote on the locker thing and put in what I posted earlier as well.

    Feels bad if you get broken out of your stealth. I'd suggest to make the stealth with a consumable power gauge like Legion and spirit, and survivors that spotted you cannot be stalked anymore. Revert the time back to 4 seconds. Then it doesnt feel so useless if you get spotted all the time. You cannot be aware of all survivors positions and SWF is far stronger against this killer than against any other. My opinion

  • WickedMilk03WickedMilk03 Member Posts: 624

    I mean... They most likely wont implement the locker thing as much as I want it. He may be my next fav killer if they do that. I understand they need time to work on it but damn. Also I wish people who downvote would tell my their thinking. Im open to new ideas but I never hear them and just get mine downvoted. Really wish to know what others think about this. I dont know about the power gauge. Or maybe it would have more spot time but it would only go down while a survivor was looking at you. Sounds interesting. Maybe it would be good for him/ maybe not. Good thinking though. I like the ideas.

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