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Um, are the BP bonus stacking correctly?

SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

Just played a killer game where 3 of us brought Gruesome Gateau. Alright, let's farm it up. Ended the game with like around 23k BP, with a total reward of 143k. All good, but the math doesn't seem to be adding up.

Gruesome Gateau (x3) = +309%

4 stacks BBQ = +100%

2x BP event = BP *2

Not knowing if the bonuses are additive or multiplicative, either way shouldn't my end BP be a bit higher than 143k? I remember pulling 200-300k BP during previous x2 events with 3-4 BPS on farm games.


  • RotBbRotBb Member Posts: 396

    Okay so each offering counts differently from each other. So one cake gives that bonus from the basic points, then again, etc

  • QwrtyMan213QwrtyMan213 Member Posts: 243

    Your understanding of the 2x BP event is incorrect.

    It is not BP * 2

    It is simply another +100% modifier

  • ZacKskillsZacKskills Member Posts: 79

    the event doesn’t multiply your whole bloodpoint earnings, just the core earnings (23k). So 23k + 24k (for the 103% Gruesome) = 47k + another 24k = 71k + 24k (the last gruesome) = 95k + 23k for BBQ = 118k + 23k for the event = about 141k

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