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How about hotfixing the mess that is Wake Up instead of Ghost Face?

DocOctoberDocOctober Member Posts: 2,230
edited June 19 in Feedback and Suggestions

I've honestly lost my patience at this point, what went wrong that this one slipped past QA?

Wake Up is bugged to affect all interactions in the game (Exit Gates, Generators, Chests, Totems, Vaults, etc.) and Survivors are already starting to notice and abuse it. Stack this with Prove Thyself and Toolboxes and you get gens popped in about 30 seconds tops.

This crap is what you should actually concentrate on and hotfix. DbD's been a buggy mess for 3 years, but it's gotten much more severe lately, as it seems you try to outdo yourself with each new Patch for some reason. Such exploits should not make it into the game in the first place anymore.


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