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Changes GhostFace Needs

JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109
edited June 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

Although, I do not want him nerfed to the ground some bugs needs to be fixed.

Issue/Bug 1: His Detection. This system is a whole big pile of garbage. You can be looking away from him and the detect goes off. Then sometimes you can be looking at him and nothing. This has caused both GF missing his exposed when he should have gotten it versus having it when he doesn't deserve it. The point of stalking is to creep up on someone which is clearly not how GF is getting his exposed bars. You can also be marked through walls which is bogus even myers can't do that.

His Detection for Marking and His Being Detected need to be severely fixed.

Issue/Bug 2: Being Detected vs Stalking: Although you can be looking at GF from the time he starts stalking to being exposed he is not revealed by the player. Even with the sound you have a delay as a survivor from when you can detect him. In many cases I was right up next to GF while he was stalking another survivor or myself and it simply would not reveal him out. If the killer is in active chase he should not be able to insta-stalk while doing so.

Issue/Bug 3: His Lunge not sure if by animation screw-up or latency (I was low ping) However, GF hits beyond too far compared to his animation. Almost as if he has a double lunge.

Issue/Bug 3: Lean-Stalking from what I have seen this is how the detection through walls is happening. However, in most cases you can't reveal him in this mode. Again if a Stealth killer is not being Stealthy they should not get their Stealth Reward.

A nerf I would give to GhostFace after these fixes are implemented and if needed. If a survivor is physically looking (Not camera) at you they cannot be stalked. This would easily prevent some of the bogus exposes this killer is getting. I enjoy spooky mechanics... When they WORK not when it is essentially the game cheating you.


  • CoffengMinCoffengMin Member Posts: 862

    they overbuffed him it should have been either having to keep him in the center of the screen or making reveal him take loner, a part of course of the mid-chase stalk issue which is kinda broken if you were healty the whole time

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    I don't find it to be overbuffed. I do not mind him being very powerful once you are marked. However, there are times he simply doesn't deserve it. Especially considering some of the 'wall-hack/clip' hacks he is given with the lean-stalking.

  • DeathGrippDeathGripp Member Posts: 6

    This was a great killer idea. Great job Devs. In my opinion he didnt need a buff. Its only fair to be able to break him out of his stealth in 1.5 seconds or even 1 second with the camera when he has such a great stealth ability. What bothers me though is the fact that hooked and downed survivors can break him. Nerf him if need be but hooked and downed survs should not be able to break his stealth. Fixing that and sum of the bugs people are complaining about like his wall lean and center screen detect and he'll be perfect.

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 1,621

    Quick question how many stealth killers at top tier? Myers, pig, freddy? They need to push stealth killers or fundamentally change DBD to make them competitive. Hot take here but maybe ghostface power shouldn't break so easily. Everyone thinks ya a stealth killer should be rewarded for being stealthy but there are too many tools for survivor's to counter stealth game play. OoO,spine chill,listening for footsteps and a giant advantage the fact you have much wider field of view. The only semi stealth killer that works is spirit and that's because you cant see her. Mark my words the minute they make his detection function properly he will be put square in the middle of mid tier killers and were back to the same complaints of red rank survivors going I'm deranking because I hate playing against nurse and billy.

    Ghostface already has a large number of weaknesses. Hes an m1 killer who can at best hide his red glow if his power isn't on cooldown which it will be with your suggested changes. His power is a timesink once as a survivor you cope the fact that he cant stalk past trees corn or any debris that obscures you as a survivor. He has no mobility to get too and from gens which is practically mandatory in high tier play hence why all top tier killers have so form of fast mobility i might add in a game with significantly increased map sizes.

    I feel like none of you grasp what it means to make an actual strong killer and now that we might actually have one you want him nerfed before survivors have even had time to adjust. Remember plague and her corrupt purge how everyone thought shes too strong and then everyone just stopped giving her it and focused on rushing gens maybe just maybe players need time to figure him out before we start dropping the nerf hammer (cough freddy cough). Ghostface might have a chance to reach top tier status but if you keep pulling killers down like this the same red rank problems will exist.

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    Although, my post only contains a possible nerf. There is still the fact that the detection is broken. This killer has a bunch of stealth power. I do agree OBO, Premonition etc. should not proc with any stealth killer. It doesn't mean that his current state is even close to fair play. I play killer frequently, however, I had to play survivor a bunch during the ungodly queue times for killer. He simply didn't deserve the exposes he was getting. While others were broken and screwed him over. I am saying they need to fix that. The exposes he should be getting by being stealthy should be what rewards him. Without those alert esk perks this killer was tense to play against. Which was a cool factor. However, with his power randomly saying yes let's give the killer an insta-down rather than break him out like we should was simply unfair.

  • TheMadDoctorTheMadDoctor Member Posts: 250
    edited June 2019

    You know what, I agree. I have had so many moments where a survivor has broken me out of stealth even from behind cover or walls. That’s one bug I wished they fix cause it makes the break out a bit too finicky, plus yeah downed and hooked survivors breaking you out is kinda broken. The big issue here with the nerfs is that its way too soon, like freddy who got nerfed heavily roughly a week after he came out. They’re doing it too soon, when they should focus on live feedback and only adjust and fix exploits and bugs around ghostface.

  • kingkestrelkingkestrel Member Posts: 7

    I recommend making it so that it is base 5 second stalk time always even when peeking a corner and making a tiny bit easier to detect him

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 1,621


    So your saying they should forcefully limit his power so he cant expose you unless he plays stealthy in a game where there are a dozen anti stealth perks, maps like blood lodge nulify any potential stealthy approach and even after he exposes you tye survivour still gets an indicator there exposed if they somehow fail to spot his footsteps or leather noises with your giant survivour field of view camera. Maybe just maybe you might leave his power as is instead of forcing a playstyle that dosent fundamentally work

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    As I stated earlier "I do agree OBO, Premonition etc. should not proc with any stealth killer." However, the fact is we shouldn't be 'leaving' the power alone when the core issue is how LOS, and stealth works in a horror game. Again just because a core-mechanic is broken doesn't mean the power is any less broken. As I said I don't want nerfs/adjustments I want it fixed. So it handles detection on both sides properly. The simple point is that the mechanic does not work as intended or all the time like it is suppose to.

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