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Will Vigo ever become a survivor?

JaywalkrrrJaywalkrrr Member Posts: 3

We are always hearing about him... but will he ever become a playable character

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  • Detective_JonathanDetective_Jonathan Member Posts: 1,165

    Probably not, It's been said that Vigo is pretty much gone during the journals of the Hallowed Blight Event, after this it's possible we might never see him again.

    This also does bring up the theory that he managed to actually escape the realm of The Entity.

  • Ember_HunterEmber_Hunter Member Posts: 1,693

    Any thoughts on what Alex, Benedict, and Vigo may look like? :)

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 673

    I like the theory that there's a character named Alex Vigo :P

    We'll probably learn more in The Archive when it goes live

  • TheluckyboiTheluckyboi Member Posts: 1,114

    My theory is that Vigo doesnt exist but was mere bait from the entity to confuse and prevent Benedict Baker from discovering its secrets

    At the end it worked (hallowed blight event) and the entity finally managed to lure Benedict into its claws and begin his transformation as a killer

  • TrueKn1ghtmar3TrueKn1ghtmar3 Member Posts: 1,143

    I don't think the entity is as intelligent as you make it out to be

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 2,247


    I will be so sure The Entity clearly can use manipulation to its advantage and change strategies at the drop of a hat.

    With both Lisa and Rin it took advantage of them in their moments of desperation and hatred so that they would sign themselves into service.

    Rin herself is a very interesting case as The Entity never originally even intended on taking her instead its target was her father however seeing that she was a lot more useful used the work that are already done her father to seal her into a contract with it.

    No need to go down the torture route when you have people working for you out of obligation.

    Another good case but a little bit more headcanon base could possibly be the Legion.

    Knowing what we know about Frank I doubt he'll be interested in following the entity's orders just like Evan and Carter.

    However instead of using torture like it did with the previous two, it used the other members of the legion to coerce Frank into playing along and also getting three other people to become Killers too, as all of them would do whatever Frank tells them.

    It's also possible instead of torturing them to keep their compliance it's simply holding the fact that they could reunite with each other when their individual trials are done as leverage.

    Also the fact that the hatch is implied not to be its creation but was kept them around because of how much hope they provided to survivors.

  • TrueKn1ghtmar3TrueKn1ghtmar3 Member Posts: 1,143

    Actually the only thing said about the hatch was that it was connected deeply to a character mentioned at least once in the game, vigo was an option. The fact that i question its intelligence is how effective it is at choosing, it looks for things it needs to survive like the strong feelings from killers and survivors, this is only furthered by the fact it is confirmed impossible for it to understand our world and instead just tries to make cheap copies, the entity is no more if not little more intelligent than its worker cells its just more effective than them

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 983

    IMO, Vigo is attached to these Archives somehow, either that, or we'll get something about Benedict, since his backstory talks about archives.

  • invira_zeroinvira_zero Member Posts: 230

    @Ember_Hunter guess, Alex, from toolbox?

    Devs said that its an easter egg, on game developer, that was taking toolbox to break some stuff.

    I dont think that he is a part of lore

  • invira_zeroinvira_zero Member Posts: 230


    Got some Russian translation, said stuff on 111 devstream.

    Ill translate it back.

    "Second, on the last devstream (111) devs said about one of the easter eggs. Stream was Q&A format and was about lore.

    -Who TH is Alex, and can we get his toolbox? (not sure it was right, brah)

    -TBH, once we could use Alex as PC. But, his toolbox is not a lore item, its an easter egg. It was like that: We had to give name to item. And one of the dev team Alex, also tester, taken toolbox in every match, to sabotage every thing that could be sabotaged. He used to sabo in every game, during the test. Thats why we decided to place such a joke in the game. Cause we can. And nobody can stop us"

    Taken from 42 comment

    sorry for gramm errors

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