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PT-BR Translation / Localization

MrTioBaccaMrTioBacca Member Posts: 1
edited June 2019 in Visual

Hello, my name is Christiano, I'm the owner of the channel "MrTioBacca" in Twitch.tv, my streams are dedicated to the game Dead by Daylight. I want to know if have any way that I can help to improve the translation of the game to my native language that is Brazillian Portuguese, my concern about this topic is due to some errors that exist in the current translation, some perks aren't with the correct description text, and it cause even some "wrong effects" when a native brazillian read the perk. For example let's talk about the perk "Left behind", the perk name is duplicated and some informations are missing, like the cooldown time and some more things. This game is what I've been streaming for months, if we work together to make it better for our community I'm sure that I can bring even more viewers to my stream and more players to the game. I'm volunteering for this job, just to make this game even greater. Can we work together?

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