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We're about to hit 5th page on killer perks / Grind math

KebekKebek Member Posts: 1,898

Currently having 60 perks each with 3 levels with approximate cost of level 50+ bloodweb beeing around 60k points you'll have to spend about 10,8 million BP to have all perks maxed out not counting prestiegeing.

So if you want all perks on all killers (16) it's around 172,8 million BP, still not counting prestige.

Average match with good BP outcome without perks/addons/offerings is around 22k BP. So that would be 7855 games played to achieve it. If average match length was around 9 minutes then it would take 1178 hours to get all those perks. Now I would probably double or even triple this time because of waiting for lobbies takes more time then actual matches themselfs. So that would make total ingame time needed about 98 up to 147 days depending on lobby times and other delays.

I wonder when we're gonna get Bloodweb/perks update since this is pretty extreme amount of playtime.

Seems like reasonable grind right (unless I've made mistakes in the math so if that's the case please correct me).

TL:DR If you want all perks on all killer you have to grind full ingame time of 98 - 147 days.



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