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Yakuza Rin [The Spirit] by Synea

Ashamed and in despair because of their extreme poverty, the Yamaoka family were forced to sell their only daughter, Rin, to the Yakuza, where she experienced her worst nightmares. The tormented, beaten and almost starved Japanese woman struggled to survive the days with a strong will to live.

Until she objected.

An unruly pain ran through her body and warm blood pounded its way through her painfilled face. She screamed in vain. Nobody would help her. Apparently she deserved it, because Rin should be trained to become a killer. Resistance would led to death. So she had to obey.

Her skills increased over time - along with the desire to take vengeance upon her parents. Heartbroken and with only one eye, she thought of what they had done to her. She clenched her fist, swallowing her pain. A trembling Rin stood again in front of her forced 'teacher', but this time full of hatred and contempt. She would accept that - not because she had to, but because she wanted to see these people dead.

[From then on the Entitus devoured her soul and the unsatisfied revenge began]

  • Skin description
  1. Lost eye - Who needs two?
  2. Koi Breast Tattoo - An image of a fish considered extremely valuable in Japan.
  3. Snake Leg Tattoo - A picture of two snakes on the hunt.
  4. Weapon - Unsatisfied revenge - [Katana] The most used weapon in Yakuza.

  • The Yakuza [Japanese Mafia] inspired me to draw this concept for the Spirit [Rin]. The tattoos (which played a big role in the group) are fascinating and I read that Rins family was very distressed by their poverty. I wanted to create a story and background behind this draft which is also based on its original story. I really hope that some of you will understand the meaning of it!

You will need to be able to prove that the work you submit is your own

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