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I've had enough now.

For the last two games I've had as Plague (and only as The Plague), I have had the game crash on me for no reason at all at the end of the trial (a black error report box pops up advising to send/not send a report). I'm only trying to complete my sacrifice daily on her, and it would have been completed each time. I'm fed up and I've had enough at what feels like optimisation issues each time I try to do something that lowers the amount of grinding needed to be done in this game (loading into a game with BP bonuses - loading screen crash, now crashing at the end of the game too). I'm thinking about taking a break for a bit now that the event is done and wait for a patch to come through to stop this nonsense from occurring, because it's just flatout ruining my experience of the game (and getting me more frustrated).

Not sure if any of you folks are having the same issue too, but I'm just sick of it now.

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