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notthebasement- Summer night breeze for Dwight Fairfield

Summer night breeze: Having only your old T-shirts isn't the smartest option when you're about to be kidnapped by the Entity! Thankfully, someone cares enough about you to lend you their warm jacket.


Comfy light beanie: The best thing to wear when your hair is a mess but you don't feel like fixing it to go outside with your friends.

Borrowed jacket: You don't only have to stick up for the small guy, you also have to keep him warm. Aliens and cats, the favourites of everyone!

Tight and bright: Who said geeks can't be fashionable? The pants are a bit tight, but that's the reason why you purchased them.


I was thinking of something more of a teenage geek would wear, since Dwight used to be geeky during high school. Aliens, cats and bright things sound like the way to go and at this point? At this point all I want to see in this game is Dwight wearing David's jacket lmao


  • ShrevyShrevy Member Posts: 37

    Loving all the little details in this, from the Band-Aids to the cat abducting ufo shirt (which I would honestly love in real life for myself). Also the overall description makes me stupid happy. I would adore having this for Dwight!

  • locopoco_leoxenlocopoco_leoxen Member Posts: 3

    Loving this cosmetic dmod! Would definitely rock it on my Dwight!! ❤️

  • RigbetaRigbeta Member Posts: 53

    The detail and the overall character crossing/team solidarity implication is very appropriate for the leader type, and this outfit actually implies Dwight's interests and personality outside of "worked for pizza what" and "at-home loser." He needs cosmetics like this. I hope it wins!

  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 5,182

    I love it dmod! It's cute and very fitting of Dwighty bois personality. EXPAND THE LORE!!!

  • BigBootyJudy64BigBootyJudy64 Member Posts: 1

    So adorable and well thought out. Looks great! 😃

  • notthebasementnotthebasement Member Posts: 19

    Thank you guys, I do like to imagine what Dwight might be into and aliens are an A+ always :P

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