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Dead by Daylight is officially coming to mobile this 2019!

Sam_BHVRSam_BHVR Dev, Community Manager Posts: 2
edited June 20 in DBD Mobile News

People of the Fog,  

We’re glad to announce that DbD Mobile will be coming soon to your smartphone devices. Get ready to bring the Dead by Daylight experience everywhere you go! (even on the toilet, we don’t judge) 

Pre-register NOW

Will the game be free? 

Yes, DbD Mobile will be available for free. 

Which platforms are supported? 

iOs / Android 

Is the game made by the same people that work on the Dead by Daylight main game? 

No, the DbD Mobile version is developed by a completely different team dedicated to developping the DbD Mobile version. 

Where can I find the official trailer? 


We know you have a lot more questions and we will be able to share more details with you very soon™.

Find us here

Twitter - http://bit.ly/dbdmobile_Twitter

Facebook - http://bit.ly/dbdmobile_Facebook

Instagram - http://bit.ly/dbdmobile_Instagram

YouTube - http://bit.ly/dbdmobile_YT

Twitch - http://bit.ly/dbdmobile_Twitch

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