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Pig's Traps ,,Skins'' Idea - Not Only Reverse Bear Trap

MrCandyKillerMrCandyKiller Member Posts: 41
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I thought why not give Amanda something unique and change her traps? In Saw franchise there were few traps that while activated ,,exploded'' someone's head, for example:

  • The Shotgun Collar Trap that Amanda created herself!
  • The Death Mask Trap (this one kinda won't fit because it's too big for Amanda to put it on someone just like she does with RBT, but it's just a concept so I'm putting this one also here)

So how would we equip them? I have few ideas:

-while wearing one of new Amanda's outfits as bonus for buying skin in store (Full outfit not just one or two pieces)

I'm talking about those outfits:

-equipping alternate Amanda's power (Don't get me wrong here. It's the same power but traps are looking different)

-when playing few traps are RBT and the rest are new ones (not equipping needed)

-somehow else (give your idea in comment)

EDIT: I forgot about that more modern looking reverse bear trap that Hoffman had to deal with (Saw VI/VII)

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  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 1,458

    I liked the alt equip idea, but it'd be cool if each one changed how it worked. Alternate killer abilities that don't require addons would be fun. Like the RBT has a shorter timer, the head case slows the survivor down because of it's size, and the shotgun collar has no visible timer.

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