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Small Legion buffs that would make him viable

Some of these will probably be controversial, but stick to friendly feedback, please? Also, I don't mean all should be applied, these are just concepts.

  1. Bleedout bar ticks down slowly while in a chase, not at all in TR (out of chase) and at normal speed out of TR and not in chase. This gives his ability downing potential if he plays with the survivor and doesn't let them escape. (Inspired by the Plague)
  2. Stacking bonuses for multiple FF hits. Like for example on his 2nd hit he gets a movement buff for the duration of FF, 3rd hit has an already halved bleedout bar, and 4th hit is an instant down.
  3. Legion can reduce his terror radius but not detection range in FF, allows him to get closer, since his main problem with chaining is how much of your ability bar takes to engage in a chase currently.
  4. Make anyone who is mending with their bar at 0 give off a killer instinct effect, to punish for leaving it so long.
  5. Allow him to deplete the bleedout bar with a second hit again.
  6. Give him a longer lunge out of FF
  7. Allow his ability to instead down when hitting an exposed survivor (immediately depletes the power bar though, so no OP H:DH chaining)
  8. Allow him to see mending survivors in a radius around him (16m?)
  9. Allow him to miss attacks without depleting the power
  10. Automatically break pallets dropped on them in FF, depleting their power still.


  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 3,658

    Tbh I've lost my hope for this killer to be buffed.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 2,247


    My thoughts exactly yet for some reason they still have 5 add-ons that are built around hitting survivors multiple times

    Even though it's an extremely counterproductive way of playing them and even with those addons the benefit they give you a so minimal compared to the drop-off of playing that way

  • JetTheWaffleCatJetTheWaffleCat Member Posts: 231

    What would be nice is vault speed to be slightly buffed. Maybe make durations a little longer base kit? Make missing a Frenzy attack take him out of it, but give him half the bar full.

    Make mending be seen throught Nurse's Calling.

    Rework a lot of his add-ons; mainly the pins and Frank's Mixtape. Give Frank's a different ability other than draining the Wound Timer. Make pins apply the effect on the initial Frenzy Hit.

    We don't want anything that makes him cheese again so draining the Wound timer passively in the Terror Radius or through add-ons is out of the question.

  • miaasmamiaasma Member Posts: 911

    don't agree with making mending be seen through nurse's calling, but i do agree with boosting the vault speed

  • Tru3LemonTru3Lemon Member Posts: 1,302

    All the buffs you mentioned youre just changing him into the old legion and thats a no no

  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,490

    someone wants old legion back. hell no

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 2,247


    Why did they take the orange aura out anyway.

    I know they definitely need an add-on rework. 6 of their add-on still revolve around hitting one survivor multiple times which is super counterintuitive to the new kit. Or in the case of fuming mixtape which has always been absolutely useless and now with the change it is even more useless than before

  • DBDbuildsYTDBDbuildsYT Member Posts: 1,042

    I think it was taken out to make Gf less powerful, unfortunately this is a nerf to Legion.

    Alas the add ons, you are spot on. It seems they were made just because without any logic :(

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 1,308

    Which is why I am starting to ask for a full rework on Legion at this point. Every time they change something for Borrowed Time or Ghostface's Killer Instinct usage Legion's taking a hit as well. Legion is sharing mechanics with another killer and with a perk when he absolutely shouldn't be. I don't understand how that is remotely helpful to players who use Legion at all. The killer is already not particularly great even in mid ranks and unviable at red ranks. We keep having to try and bandaid fix things with the killer only to end up being a slightly more mobile m1 killer. They've got nothing special about them. Now they aren't even the best leather clad killer. Ghostface has better leather clothing, a better mask, a better power, more kills in his backstory lore.

    That is extremely silly. I just want Legion to actually be FUN and feel STRONG.


  • DBDbuildsYTDBDbuildsYT Member Posts: 1,042

    Yeah, Legion only has Susie to compensate and right now, until the first hook, she sounds like Frank haha in all seriousness though, Legion requires a lot of work yes.

    I like Legion but to me it's simply an m1 killer with decent map pressure and a useless ability. It's basically wraith with less mind games

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