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Kinda just some killer ability concepts if you're interested in reading...

So I came up with 2 ideas but I havent put much time inti the thought on how it would play and I have a cool name for one.

Warden would be a cool killer name like a prison warden. (could have either ability concept)

Ability concepts:

  1. We'll call this ability Ghostly shift (I guess bc that sounds cool)
  2. When Shifting the warden would be able to walk through walls slowly.
  3. It would have no cooldown but it would take 1 second to activate it.
  4. While shifting the killer would move slower.
  5. No red stain would be shown while shifting.
  6. Any ideas for giving him map pressure? (discuss bc we need more viable killers)
  7. Base movement would be 4.6

The next ability concept is called "Blind rage"

  1. Blind rage has a 5 second activation time. While using blind rage, you would only be able to see outlines of objects, buildings, trees, etc. All survivors become exposed once it is activated. Survivors would be completely invisible, as well as blood, and scratch marks.
  2. While in blind rage you would move 5 meters per second.
  3. In blind rage, cries, breaths, and moving grass become significantly louder and all other noises become quiet.
  4. Base movement would be 4.6
  5. Auras could be read in blind rage (bc it would be annoying if not and wouldnt be game breaking if so)

Keep in mind if you were playing this killer you would need to come out of it to get an idea of where survivors were, which is why there is no cooldown or set timer for how long you could use it. The 5 second activation time is there to prevent you from walking behind a survivor, activating it and getting a free hit. This killer has to rely on sound. He can also use his ability to get around bc he is so much faster but with the risk of missing site.

My favorite is blind rage because it seems to have a learning curve, interesting ability, viability, and would have cool counterplay.

Ghostly shift does not seem very viable because no map pressure and the numbers may be janky. Lets discuss me lads...?

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