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Bugs Bugs Bugs...

DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,853

Hi all and especially devs and @Peanits

I just stop by to say that I'm hardly frustrated. I mean, seriously, in my opinion, this GF chapter is the worst chapter released so far. Wake Up! is broken and speeds up everything (including vaulting speed), Legion addon is broken again and can even slow down chest searching, BBQ has a visual issue, Susie got Franks voice, had a Jake screaming on the hook like Meg, survivors not escaping when crossing the line and die instead, GF grabbing a DCing guy and can't uncrouch anymore, GF having no TR for the carried survivor and several other sound issues, hag staring at the ground after pallet hits, Head On broken when combined with Quick and Quiet, post game menu regularly freezing for several seconds, menu songs occasionaly switching or just stopping... surely forgetting several things here and surely not knowing of all the bugs out there yet.

I'm sure there are mostly good reasons, and as a programmer I know that you can't conclude the structure behind from what you see, namely not knowing how all of these occurings are related. But when I see what this chapter broke, which apparently has nothing to do with the content that was added or changed, I really feel like there are some major issues in any of the development steps. No judging or pointing here, I said I can't look behind and just want to express how this looks on our side and why I'm so frustrated.

On re-reading I decided to go safe and start this paragraph with "Of course this paragraph is exaggerated": If I could vote, I'd say skip the next chapter and instead concentrate on getting the bugs done and stable. If you plan with the income on every-3-month-DLCs I'd say, create a donation page, where everyone can donate depending on how satisfied he is with the result. I'd even suggest to build the game from scratch, recreating everything in a new stable way, making use of all the issues and reasons you experienced so far to get a more stable game that doesn't fall to pieces after a new chapter. Of course this paragraph is exaggerated, I know. Just saying, and probably think or hope that, if we all had enough time and money, we all would agree on this to be a good approach.

And maybe let's not start a big discussion here, just join or negate if you guys out there feel the same or not, just to check if I'm alone with these thoughts or if it was good to express. And give the devs feedback on what the community really wants and needs. I'm not writing "this game is going down if my wishes are not heard" like it has been said (foolishly) on several topics. This will not happen, the game will not die that fast. But I'd like to trigger some rethinking. I know all of you are doing hard jobs and are not purposely getting in new bugs and try to deliver the best product possible. And there is also a lot of love coming back from the community on what you guys do. But regarding the current flood of bugs I think there should also be some love coming back to the community in any way.


  • popolespopoles Member Posts: 810

    The GF's detection also needs some work. I saw him, he was crouched behind a barrel. He could stalk me, but I couldn't reveal him, so he downed me.

    It's really frustrating when this happens.

  • harpuiaharpuia Member Posts: 38
    edited June 2019

    Daily rituals are broken aswell. I had one to escape with Tapp, i did escape but the game did not registered it and the ritual was still there. I changed this ritual then and received one to heal 3 survivors, played a match and the ritual just disappeared from my list without being completed.

    Seriously, this is really frustrating and i never saw the game with SO MANY of this annoying things since i started playing almost a year ago.

  • KnayterKnayter Member Posts: 117

    agree, this chapter is buggy as hell, esspecially with ghost face detection and his terror radius being bugged all the time

  • Mellow7Mellow7 Member Posts: 765

    I had the same problem, mine was unhooking 3 survivors with feng and I did just that but it only counted 1. Then after that it didn't count anymore unhooks so i had to ditch the ritual.

  • DBDbuildsYTDBDbuildsYT Member Posts: 1,042

    I also noticed Susie with Frank's voice and confusing sounds when playing legion.

    I think they need to stop producing new content and just focus on the bugs

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