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Game Crash - Access Violation

MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 31
edited June 21 in Technical Issues

Hello everyone,

Was playing DBD on my Windows 10 - version 10.0.17763 with an Intel Core i7-6700HQ with 16 GB RAM

I decided to have diner, because people eat ;3 and came back to play some more. (I had shut down my computer in between).

Just as the game started, black screen. The sounds from the cutscene were playing but no logos or partners or images... didn't even get to the "Press Space" bit. I have 30 hours on the game and everything was fine. This log popped up :

Access violation - code c0000005 (first/second chance not available)

igd10iumd64 {0x0000000000000000} + 402273 bytes

d3d11 {0x0000000000000000} + 13523 bytes

dxgi {0x0000000000000000} + 9517 bytes

dxgi {0x0000000000000000} + 9328 bytes

d3d11 {0x0000000000000000} + 1166612 bytes

d3d11 {0x0000000000000000} + 1303380 bytes

DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 22932482 bytes

DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 23023157 bytes

DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 22983702 bytes

DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 28120779 bytes

DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 28087125 bytes

DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 33236402 bytes

DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 33248177 bytes

DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 17529187 bytes

DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 28254146 bytes

DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 28254280 bytes

DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 18668795 bytes

DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 18631292 bytes

kernel32 {0x0000000000000000} + 96628 bytes

ntdll {0x0000000000000000} + 434801 bytes

I don't know what it means :,(

I tried updating my Intel Driver (max update reached)

I tried using an old Driver version (can't do that, option is grayed out)

I tried restarting steam / my computer / verifying integrity of files / reinstalling the game / taking all my Microsoft Visual C++ 2010/2012/2013/2015 out and reinstalling the recommend ones (x64)

And it's still not working :'(

Please tell me i'll be able to play the game again some day...

Hope this helps, i'll be sure to keep an eye on here to give more information if needed,

Thank you so much guys !



  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 965

    Just to confirm before I try and help, you're playing on a laptop, correct?

    If that is the case, do you only have access to intel graphics built into the machine? No nVidia or AMD card?

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 31
    edited June 21

    Well yes i'm on a laptop but the thing is I have two stickers nears my keyboard.

    The first one reads "Intel Core i7 insidetm"

    The second one reads "AMD Radeon Graphics"

    I tried to look through my system but when i go to to my Device Manager > Display adapters, only Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 is there.

    I don't have an nVidia or AMD card (not that i can think of)

    EDIT : I downloaded some DirectX content (thought DirectX might be the issue) it didn't resolve anything.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 965

    Huh. Interesting. It SOUNDS like you do have an AMD graphics card but it might not have the drivers installed.

    The problem is that the game doesn't officially support Intel HD graphics, at all. However, users with your CPU and above have found installing this driver often helps.

    Do you happen to know what the make and model of your laptop is? I might be able to do some digging and find out if you do actually have an AMD card. If so, it should give you better performance than the Intel one. :)

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 31
    edited June 21

    My Laptop is a Lenovo 80NU

    x64 based PC

    System SKU : LENOVO_MT_80NU_BU_idea_FM_Lenovo ideapad Y700-14ISK

    Thank you for helping me actively :3

    EDIT : ISSUE FIXED. The driver you sent me worked !! Thx so much :'))) Ur so nice !

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 31

    You literally have no idea how much people have the same issue as me ! Bet if they knew about this driver their issues would be fixed as well :3 Keep spreading good around you, stay awesome and once again THANK YOU KhaineGB !! :'D 🤗

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 965

    Glad that fixed it :)

    Also, for the record, your laptop apparently has an AMD R9 M375 GPU with 2GB RAM. Now, only do the following if you are confident in removing the driver should something go awry.

    Go to and then you're looking for the picture above. That will get you the official drivers for your AMD GPU straight from AMD themselves.

    Should get you some better FPS in-game and prevent this issue occuring again.. I hope. :D

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