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DBD: Three Years of Fear - Traditional Art by Kamil Drabek

Hi all! My name is Kamil Drabek and I'm a self-taught artist from Poland. 👋

My entry is a tradional drawing inspired by the Dead by Daylight game and community. I've been a player since around 2,5 years ago and I'm so thrilled to see how much DBD has grown and evolved into this amazing game we have today. I wanted to capture that in a drawing, so I decided to focus on the very beginning of DBD and it's first playable killer, the Trapper, and then showcase the newest one, the legendary horror icon, the Ghostface. I also didn't want to ignore all the other killers and survivors so all their names are written in the background as a little nice detail to acknowledge them.

Well, here is it, Dead by Daylight: Three Years of Fear:

I used pencils, ink, and coloured pencils for this and done everything you see by hand. As a devoted fan, I'm beyond excited to take part in this celebration and to see DBD grow even more in the future!

Hope you enjoy what I came up with, see you in the fog! ✌️

Also, if you're interested, you can find more of my art on my IG profile:



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