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Buff thrilling tremors, and ways to buff it

Feel free to provide feedback, or even provide your own ideas.

  1. Block all gens, not just ones being worked on. Simply use the explosion animation to kick them off.
  2. Reduce or remove the cooldown.
  3. Extend the timer to 30 seconds
  4. Auto-regress gens blocked, even after released.
  5. Change it to an obsession perk, and block all gens except how many need doing. Block gens when obsession is hooked, and block gens near the hook over those further away
  6. Invert it's effect, block the gens being worked on
  7. Slowly reduce survivors speeds to a maximum of 15% at T3, so it'd go from to 0% to 15% in 30 seconds.


  • ASpazNamedSteveASpazNamedSteve Member Posts: 1,501

    I actually like number 4 a lot, I think that'd be cool. Not sure if the devs would do that though.

    I feel like a realistic change would be making its cooldown reset after hooking someone. It's the kind of non-risky buff I think the devs would go for.

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