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Invisible skill checks after first generator

oTechnicoTechnic Member Posts: 120

Platform: Ps4

Description of the issue: Right at the beginning of the match, me and a friend was doing a generator, the same generator. I had perk: Prove Thyself. The item I was running was: Commodious Toolbox. Add-ons: Brand new part + Wire spool. The killer had Hex ruin so it might be why skill checks appeared invisble. When we beginned doing the first generator, the first difficult skill check began, because of add-on. The first skill check was success but the second difficult skill check was invisible i believe. Not fully sure about that. After that I hit one good skill check just to keep generator going and not exploding. After that the skill checks begin appearing invisible. The killer found us in mid repairing and couldnt finish the generator. The killer was ghost face.

I was unable to heal my self with perk: Self-care or heal others because of the invisible skill check. Other people could heal me. Dont know if they received the same issue, it might be the item that I was using and the perk killer used: Hex:Ruin.

Map: Macmillan Estate it was a generator right at the corner of the map somewhere, with some tank wheels it looked like.

The killer during the match: Ghost face

How often does this occur: It occured the first time today: 23.06.2019

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