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Chapter Idea: The Toxic Paradise Chapter

BigDaymoBigDaymo Member Posts: 17

Chapter: Toxic Paradise

Killer: The Chemist

Jessica Banks was born with a natural interest in chemistry. Although she had consistently good grades in her other classes, Jessica had a strange affinity for chemistry and always came top of her class in the subject. She had a strong drive for learning and constantly yearned to know more, a determination that her parents happily encouraged. She graduated school and began to further pursue her desperate thirst for improvement. Her obsession and workaholic attitude began to push away her family and friends, until she finally graduated college with a chemistry degree. She got a job at a top chemical firm. Supplied with ample resources and given the power to discover things she had desired her entire life, she began to feel a lot happier. Over the next few years, Jessica would make a handful of noteworthy discoveries, showing her true talent for chemical engineering to the public eye. One night, on her journey home, a strange van pulled out in front of her and she passed out.

 She awoke in an abandoned chemical factory, surrounded by crazy looking men. They shouted at Jessica in some unknown language, before presenting her with a set of crude blueprints. It became clear to her that these people had become aware of her talent, as she was forced to create chemical weapons. This continued for months, with Jessica working endlessly. Every night, she would go to go to sleep hungry, sore and beaten. Worse than the physical pain however, were the terrifying thoughts she had of what the weapons she created were being used for, of the unfortunate people she was helping murder. Eventually, she decided she could go on no longer. In the dead of night, Jessica managed to sneak out of her cell while her captors were drunk and went to her makeshift lab. She manufactured a lethal acidic gas and a makeshift gas mask, and crept into the factories maintenance room. She released the gas into the factories air conditioning. The terrorists screamed and burned, and to her surprise, she felt a sick joy. She felt proud of her work, how powerful and destructive it could be. However, Jessica had overdone the chemical formula. The acid destroyed her gas mask, burning away her flesh and leaving her face and body badly melted and raw. The intense pain, combined with the months of torturous treatment, caused Jessica to snap.

Jessica found other captives in the basement, who survived the gas in their small cages. They pleaded with Jessica to let them out, even as they recoiled at her hideously scarred visage. She ignored their cries for help, and began to wish for blood. Her previous drive for knowledge was replaced for a need for violence. She began concocting various poisons, using the captives as test subjects. Watching the horrific afflictions her chemicals caused them pleased her greatly, however she desired validation, she wanted to impress people with her chemistry skills once more, as she had done in her previous life, as Jessica Banks. But she was The Chemist now.

 After her last test subject died in agony from her latest poison formula, she heard something whisper to her. She followed its calls, out into the woods, into the fog. Here she found new survivors to test her poison on, and an entity to please.


Hex: Blackout – You’ve used your inquisitive nature to effectively disable generators. Every time a generator is completed, all other generators will be shutdown for 15/20/25 seconds, preventing any progress while shutdown, and will also regress all other generators by 6/8/10 percent. 

Poisoned Hooks – You’ve taken your time to coat your hooks in a poison which floods the bloodstream of your victims. After a survivor is unhooked more than 32/28/24 metres away from you, they cannot be healed for 20/25/30 seconds and suffer moderately from the Mangled status effect 

Hyper Sense – Your attention to detail makes you easily able to stalk survivors. You are alerted when a survivor slow vaults a window or pallet within 12/14/16 metres and see their aura for 2/3/4 seconds.


Weapon: Shattered test tube

The shattered test tube is a primary weapon for The Chemist. A broken glass test tube previously used by Jessica Banks in her experiments. Surprisingly sharp and sturdy, this piece of glass lab equipment could easily cut skin or flesh.

Power: Archaic Toxin

A potent poison created by The Chemist. The Chemist can apply her poison to her weapon, which will apply the poison to survivors when hit.

• Apply the poison to your main weapon and injure survivors for it to take effect. However, the poison will only stay on the weapon for 45 seconds or until a hit is dealt, after which it must be reapplied.

• Poisoned survivors suffer a 7% movement speed decrease as well as a 20% decrease to action speed (however, the survivor is only affected by these penalties while full health or injured and not in a chase). A skill check will occur for poisoned survivors every 30 seconds. Failing this will cause the survivor to have their aura revealed to the killer for 10 seconds and will decrease their action speed further to 65%, although their movement speed will revert to 100% until the next skill check. Succeeding the skill check will leave the survivor with the normal 7 % and 20% penalties but won’t reveal their aura to the killer

• The poison effect lasts for two minutes. However, the poison timer will not go down while in a chase, in dying state, or on a hook (similar to The Pigs RBT’s). At the end of the two minute timer, the survivors penalties will stop but their aura will be revealed to the killer for 5 seconds.

• The only way for survivors to cure themselves of the Archaic Toxin other than waiting out the timer is to be cured by another survivor. However, this reveals the aura of both survivors to the killer for 5 seconds.

• The survivor can heal themselves while injured with either a med kit or any healing perks such as self care or adrenaline, but this will not remove the poison.


Common: Adhesive Molecules- Slightly increases poison duration

         Hydrochloric Acid- Slightly increases poison skill check difficulty

         Ionised Barium- Slightly increases action speed penalty

         Lithium Carbide- Aura revealing events last slightly longer

Uncommon: Copper Oxide- Moderately increases poison duration

           Magnesium Hydride- Moderately increases action speed penalty

           Zinc Sulphite- Moderately increases poison skill check difficulty

           Nitrogen Chromate- Aura revealing events last moderately longer

Rare: Carbon Bromide- Considerably increases action speed penalty

     Chrome Nitrate- Poison applies the blindness affect for 60 seconds

     Phosphorus Gas- Considerably increases movement speed penalty

                   Moderately reduces poison duration

     Pure Nitrogen- Moderately reduces action and movement speed penalties

                  Grants 100% bonus bloodpoints in the brutality category

Very Rare: Ionic Gold- Poisoned survivors always leave scratch marks

          Titanium Shards- Tremendously increases action speed penalty

                         Moderately increases poison skill check difficulty

          Pure Zinc- Aura reading events last considerably longer

                   Curing a Poisoned survivor applies the exposed effect

Ultra Rare: Ytterbium flakes- Poisoned survivors suffer from the broken status effect and can no longer commit rushed actions

          Hydrogen Dichromate- Poisoned survivors reveal auras of other survivors within a 30 metre radius of them every 15 seconds

Additional Information

• 115% movement speed

• Average lunge and attack range and speed

• Normal terror radius

• Killer difficulty: Hard

Appearance and Animations

• The Chemist wears a slightly torn white lab coat, which is covered in mud and spots of dried blood. Her head is mostly wrapped in yellowed, pus soaked bandages. You can see small parts of her face in between the bandages, but it is scarred and melted (similar to Freddy’s face). She grips her shattered test tube in one hand and a small vial containing a green liquid in the other.

• After a successful hit, The Chemist slides her fingers along the bloody test tube, then wipes her bloody fingers on her lab coat. To destroy pallets, she quickly throws some acid onto it, before giving it one solid kick.

• The Chemists’ memento mori: She flips the survivor onto their back and plants her foot on the survivors stomach, pinning them to the ground. She then drops a small canister next to the survivors face, which releases a strange green gas. The survivor attempts to shield their face to no avail, as they start to scream and their face becomes similar to The Chemists’ own face.

Survivor: Solomon Drew

Solomon Drew was born into a troublesome family. Although his father was some unknown bartender he never knew, his mother was a career criminal. Together with her two brothers and one of her cousins, she spread chaos, and usually violence, wherever she went. Seeing no need for a useless baby slowing her down, she dumped young Solomon on her mother soon after his birth, before disappearing with her gang. Although tired of her daughters irresponsible, dangerous and illegal actions, she happily accepted the child. Solomon was raised by his grandmother in a small, but tight knit community. His grades in school were passable, but he truly excelled in sports such as tennis due to his incredible reflexes. He competed in multiple tournaments, winning nearly every match. His grandmother was very pleased with his success and so was he, for a time. As he improved, he began to grow bored with his skill and achievements. He wished for a more exciting lifestyle, but his grandmother warned him against such dreams. He reluctantly agreed with her and settled on working towards a career in professional tennis.

This all changed however, when Solomon’s mother returned on his 17th birthday. She told Solomon of the death of her cousin during a bank raid, and asked if Solomon would replace her as part of her crew. Although Solomon was skeptical of a life of crime, he agreed to join her as he desperately hoped this would bring him the exciting lifestyle he wanted. While Solomon couldn’t stomach the violence and sheer terror of committing the crimes himself, he quickly found his role within his mother’s gang. His quick reflexes made him an excellent getaway driver. Together, the family gang pulled off some big scores, although the large sums of money they acquired were usually wasted fairly fast on expensive alcohol and fancy jewellery. His mother and his uncles made for poor company, always drunk and often abusive towards Solomon. The thrill of escaping pursuing police did provide him the excitement he wanted, but he began to yearn for the peace and happiness he felt with his grandmother and his friends. He wanted desperately to be free, but to do so, he knew he would need some money of his own. He stole his mother’s expensive muscle car and one of her handguns, and drove away from his family as they slept off the drink.

He pulled up in front of a small gas station, donning a dark mask and tucking his gun into his jacket. He charged into the store, gun raised at the cashier, yelling commands at him. He tried his best to imitate his mother, but completely failed to intimidate the cashier. Once handed the money, he raised the pistol to the cashiers head, his hand shaking with fear. He couldn’t go through with murder, and turned to leave the store. As he sprinted through the doors, he felt a sharp pain in his side. He turned to see the cashier had shot him, and was preparing to fire again. He ducked into his car and quickly tried to drive away. The police were soon on his tail, and although he drove for miles, he couldn’t shake them. His bullet wound was bleeding profusely, making hard to concentrate. As a roadblock loomed ahead, Solomon was forced to swerve into the edge of a nearby forest. He got out of his car and ran deep into the woods. As he got further in, the sounds of the police pursuit began to disappear. He felt his wound begin to heal rapidly, and he was surrounded in fog. Up ahead however, was a campfire, and four weary survivors…


Grandmothers Blessing: - Despite your rough family background, your good upbringing has helped nurture your caring side. Every time heal or unhook a survivor, you gain one token. Once you have gained 3 tokens, you gain the haste status effect moderately (ie Hope perk speed) for 30/35/40 seconds and have gain 30/35/40% more bloodpoints in the altruism category(retroactively boosts BP for earlier actions too).

Drive Through Pain: - You’ve learned from previous close calls to suffer through injury. For 6/8/10 seconds after being injured by the killer, leave no blood or scratch marks while running.

Reflexive Nature: - Your extreme reflexes help you to evade and react to the killer almost inhumanly. You are alerted when the killer vaults within 15/20/25 metres, also increases the killers red stain by 20/30/40%.


Solomon wears a dark grey hoodie and black jeans. He is fairly tall and skinny, with a thin face and short, light blonde hair.

Map: Mashura Chemical Factory

Once a supplier to various companies all throughout America, a series of lawsuits led to the factories abrupt abandonment. Later a home for a group of radical terrorists, Mashura Chemical Factory now finds itself a hunting ground for the entity. The map looks like a mash up of The Game map mixed with the meat shed from Coldwind Farm. The map contain lots of conveyer belt areas as well as some broken down laboratories. The map has also has a basement (not the killers basement) which contains some cells showing the dead captives tortured by The Chemist.

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