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A fair few perk ideas I've come up with


Stalker (Purple)

You watch as they struggle to escape.

For every second watching a survivor while standing still and not in a chase. Gain 2/3.5/5% on this perk. When chasing a survivor, they are unable to hear your terror radius (perks affecting terror radius still apply), and you can read their aura, depleting 5/4/3% per second

“I can see it staring at me through the fog, waiting, but for what?” -Unknown


Outrage (Purple)

You will not let them get away

Once per trial, once the exit gates are powered, when in a chase this perk triggers. You gain a 5/7.5/10% speed increase and all survivors suffer from exposed until you either lose the chase or down a survivor.

“It’s anger is unstoppable, the best we can do is hide and hope.”


Hex: Irritation (Purple)

The entity grows annoyed for every survivor you've failed to sacrifice.

When this perk activates, a dull totem is replaced with this perk. While the totem is still standing, For every survivor still alive when the end game collapse commences, reduce the timer of the endgame collapse by 5/7.5/10%. This time is returned when the associated hex totem is cleansed.

"Time isn’t on your side, neither is she."


Funhouse (purple)

Your very presence throws the survivors into paranoia.

After damaging a generator, the generator emits a terror radius for 15/25/35 seconds. Within the fake terror radius, skill check chances are tremendously increased and the skillcheck zone is tremendously decreased.

“Where is he? Where’d he go?”


Hatred (green)

Your hatred for the survivors is immeasurable. When a survivor is healed a health state, the healer become exposed for 15/20/25 seconds.


Masked (purple)

You hide your true self behind the entity’s mask.

After hitting a survivor, the survivor is unable to (hear your terror radius/hear your terror radius or see the stain/hear your terror radius, see the stain, or read your aura) for 20/25/30 seconds.

Survivor perks

Determination (Purple)

No matter what, you will escape. When hit by the killer during the endgame collapse, your sprint is extended by 3/4/5 seconds. As the last survivor, hit an impossibly difficult skillcheck to immediately pick yourself up, avoiding damage for 2/2.5/3 seconds and gain a 10% speed bonus for that time. You will slowly bleed out as if in the dying state until healed to healthy.

“No, you won’t take me, not again!”

Note: By impossibly difficult I’m talking maybe 2/3’s worth of a great skillcheck size, which is affected by distressing. Failing the skillcheck deactivates the perk permanently.


Steady hands (Purple)

Your calm nature helps you work under stress, and hold your items more effectively. When working on a generator inside the killer’s terror radius, succeeding a normal skillcheck on a generator grants a 1/1.5/2% bonus to progression, succeeding a great skillcheck gives 3% bonus progression. When forced to drop an item, you have a 15/20/25% chance to not drop it.

“Just keep calm, keep on going.”

Note: Hex checks do not count, Ruin will do it’s full damage


Martyr (Purple)

Your sacrifice increases the resolve of others. When you are sacrificed or killed, the other survivors get a 15/20/25% bonus to altruistic actions, and a 3/5/5% increase to generator repairing and opening the exit gates. (T3: They are also able to pick themselves up from the dying state once.)

“I’m taking one for the team. Escape, while you still can.”


Anywhere but here (green)

Your absolute panic distorts the killer’s aura reading abilities. After being unhooked, when the killer attempts to read your aura, it will be shifted 16/24/32m in a random direction for 20/25/30 seconds. Skill check chances are tremendously higher while active.

“I can’t do this man, I just can’t!”


Denial (purple)

You refuse to let the killer win. When on the killer’s shoulder, your wriggle speed is increased by 3/4/5%. If you escape the grasp of the killer, start sprinting at 150% of your normal running speed for a maximum of 3 seconds if not exhausted. Causes the Exhausted status effect for 60/50/40 seconds.

"I saw the glint of that hook, and I decided that I'd never end up there, not if I could help it."


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