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Head on should be a automatic stun to killer?

IvoryjrodIvoryjrod Member Posts: 14

This perk could be so amazing for some clutch plays but it just falls so hard.

It's really simple fix too with one of two ways.

  1. increase the range at which this perk stuns the killer, cause as of right now the killer can spam space bar as soon as they know you're in the locker and negate the perk completely because they get priority.
  2. or just make the perk an automatic stun disable if you're in the locker and the killer finds you?

This perk really sparked my interest when it was announced but damn, it really blows as it currently is in-game.


  • SlaymoreSlaymore Member Posts: 460

    Just like with Dead Hard working 50% of the time - useless unless fixed. Nurses aren't stunned with pallets as they can blink immediately. So many areas of this game just doesn't get tested thoroughly - sad really.

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