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Console player who wants crossplay

TheDuhJTheDuhJ Member Posts: 475
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So I was watching Tru3 play a game and he commented about crossplay and it got me thinking that this would be an overall good thing for the game. For those who do not play on console, I will preface that nobody gives a ######### about mouse keyboard vs controller because we got bigger problems.

This would be the player base, while we don't have a perfectly optimized version on PS4 and XBOX that would make the experience different, I would much rather get a game with a sweaty SWF or a really good pc Survivor, than have 1/3 of my games contain one of the following:

  • Laggy killers: This makes dropping pallets nearly unplayable, the use of dead hard irrelevant, and giving every killer spirits passive. It makes the game ridiculous, and if by some miracle you manage to play through this, the killer will likely have a connection time out and you lose
  • 1) All your Bloodpoints
  • 2) Any offerings used
  • 3) Any Pips generated within the game (oddly enough you will still get devotion level and rewards related to it when this happens, don't know why and if anyone does let me know)

Because of the much lower player base on console, you will often find yourself playing games that are cross region, while this does mean you can get survivors that are cross region, it doesn't tend to effect the games too much since survivors on console are not amazing, and they do not host the game. When a killer is cross region though the above scenario is very likely.

  • Random disconnects: In the case you are playing with other survivors, you will find that your games will drop a survivor due to connection time out. This again is caused by being paired with a cross region player who will have trouble connecting to the host. For some reason the game doesn't drop them in loading and you are forced to play a 3v1 with 5 Gens which is fun for nobody. These disconnects btw are not often player input related, but I must stress bad connection. This has been a long way of

There are plenty of other problems on console that need to be addressed, but crossplay would solve theses big issues mentioned by having a big enough player base that more local games (and often better connections) can take place getting that 1/3 unplayable games down a huge level. Possibly eliminating the need for cross region entirely. There are people who will say that this is unfair to console players, but honestly I will take a black pip from a good killer or swf than waste 20 min and get nothing but frustration at the broken connectivity.

Also for you people who think that 360 is easier on console and they will get ######### on by killers in pc if we cross play, all I have to say to that is "Good, survivors on console need to learn how to loop instead of going to dead zones and trying 360s" Frankly, 360 doesn't even work against killers who expect it. So easy to counter even on console.

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