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Simple solution for facecamping?

I know, it's up to the killer to be an ass all they want but what if the entity just appears slower when the killer is close to the hook? Wasting much more of his precious time, allowing other survivors to do things for longer and would simply pressure the killer to look for others instead.


  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 1,480

    This was something they tried before, didn't work out I guess.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited June 2019

    How about we add more tips for the other Survivors to not cause the Killer to wait by the hook? I Camp when I need to or when I don't believe I have other options. So I know how to deal with me. I'll tell you below. Because I can already see as a Camper, how your suggestion will just make it more insufferable for survivors, than for me as the Camping Killer. Let's reflect:

    DISCLAIMER: A Lot of people have told me this seems like a list of Rules for Survivors and it is not meant to patronize Survivors on how to play, It is a list of my reflections of the Reasons I could end up Camping, It's not a mental list that gives me permission to camp, Its my estimations of if these things don't happen Im very unlikely to use Camping as a strategy. And the point is to reflect about this So that if BHVR or OP wants to develop things that prevent me from Camping, then these reasons could be another starting point for developing mechanics to prevent it through other means than mechanical means, which was OP's suggestion.

    1. Doing things that encourage a Camper to Camp you, like Looping for an extraordinary amount of time and other ways you can play that makes the Killer feel cheated out of the fun of the game.
    2. Be aware that if a Killer feels too time pressured, they will give up and not participate in the fun of the game, example the Killer gets the first down after the 4th gen is complete. Camping becomes the only solution, unfortunately.
    3. Don't be seen approaching the Hooked, The Camper will apply more pressure. Once Camping has begun, only Borrowed Time, DS and perks like that will help.
    4. Don't appear to be too good of a player both to prevent Camping or Tunneling your teammates. See if I think you are a problem for me, Ill apply a solution to you. You don't want me to realise that I have to apply drastic measures to you from the start. In a similar way about tunneling, if you unhook someone and expect me to go for you, but I think you would just be annoying to chase, i'll chase the person you unhooked.
    5. Camping will happen if the Killer believes that they have no options or during the End Game Collapse, when the Killer's options run out, it's the default strategy. The only way is to trick them into thinking they can Kill you easily, but then not. But a lot of survivors are really bad at social trickery, they also need more perks that do that.
    6. Last thing is about Toxicity in the Community in General, bad behaviour flows over to the next, example if I feel like I have had a bad/unfulfilling game, I'll take it out on the next set of Survivors. But if I have a great last game, I'm more inclined to be more gentle with my next set of survivors. We are all supposed to have fun, right?

    Anyway, i'll come back and add some more thoughts on Camping by a Camper once I have thought about it some more than just now. As you can see the mind of a human being is complex and amazing, if you want to prevent a behaviour, you can do something about the causes of the behaviour, besides to punish the behaviour or prolong the behaviour. This is from Psychology 101.

    Thanks for the suggestion tho, it was fun to reflect on why Camping happens for me.

    If any Developer happens to read this, I would be very interested in reading about what BHVR thinks causes Camping, and that the prevailing Theories match my own reflections.

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  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919

    Your idea has been suggestion hundred thousand times by hundred thousand users and it has even been tried out in a PTB, where it was exploited by survivors and canned.

  • rinarina Member Posts: 90

    So basically “don’t start winning or I’ll camp you”, nice :)

  • Sn0wJobSn0wJob Member Posts: 247

    The answer is just do the damn gens, if you don't that is your fault.

    The killer is baiting you and its your fault for taking the bait, also not everyone is entitled to live either.

    Hooks take awhile to burn down, if the killer won't leave you should be on gens.

  • Nope, not correct. You are the kind of person I literally wrote the disclaimer part for.

    You are implying malice in my reflections now, which is not the case, I don't even like it when Survivors scream like pigs at me in post game chat, but I don't want to play how Survivors want me to play either. So I'm suggesting from my own reflections that I would naturally be very unlikely to camp at all if something were done about these happenstances.

  • PwnyFishPwnyFish Member Posts: 70
    edited June 2019

    I believe what was testet is to completly stop the hook progress, without any requirements(not sure about that).

    I fail to understand how it should not work with a slowdown, if the chaser emblem for killers works exactly that way..

    Special condition:

    • The Quality of this Emblem will slowly degrade if the Killer remains within 16 metres of a hooked Survivor 10 seconds after hooking the Survivor.
      • Does not apply if another Survivor is inside that radius.
      • Does not apply if the Killer is in a Chase.
      • Does not apply if it is the last remaining Survivor.
      • Does not apply if the Hook is on a different floor.
      • The penalty greatly increases within a radius of 8 metres.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919

    @PwnyFish It'd not help. The problem was not that survivors was inside the zone itself. It was that they're hovering around the hook, waiting for saves. Killers don't wanna give free saves most of the time, so they sticked around thus getting the negative slowdown effect.

    That's why the concept was canned in PTB. Survivors learned that the killer will stick around the hook if they're just out of range but visible. 1 survivor was hooked, 2 survivors was hovering around forcing the killer to camp and 1 pushed generators.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,970

    How about we add a reward? (people that would want to camp still would but would decrease a little bit)

    Like downing/hooking a unique survivor from the last when x meters away from the hook gives you x more points.

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