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Ghostface and Red Ranks

I'm just wondering.

Now that the patch's out...

CAN Ghostface be used in Red Ranks, BUT it's going to require a VERY high skill ceiling in order to use him there?

The reason I'm even asking is because Ghostface now no longer has a proximity notifier... In Night Shroud survivors only hear his clothing creaking... I see this as potentially making him the best stealth Killer in the game with the notable exception of T1 Myers w/ Scratched Mirror build (I don't include Prayer Beads Spirit b/c that's going to get heavily nerfed soon).

Can someone confirm if he's now like current Freddy in that he can be REALLY GOOD, but there's a massively high skill ceiling involved?

Obviously, Ghostface can only be good if you avoid getting spotted, land instadowns, and maximize the massive advantage of not having a red stain. Ghostface is hard countered by Object of Obsession/Spine Chill/Premonition.

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