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Open letter / Feedback on player base



  • FrenziedRoachFrenziedRoach Member Posts: 2,538

    The game doesn't care what is fair and what is not, only that one person lives or another dies. It's up to the predator to decide how that is done.

    If you can't stop somebody from tunneling you, that's you're fault, not the kkiller.

    To think otherwise is only putting mental shackles on yourself and you will never improve

    Playing to win is not toxic, putting imaginary rules on the games that the code does not understand is is only what the weak do.

    In the game, all is fair - you do what you must to win. It's on the devs to find a way to balance it out, not us

  • LuuneLuune Member Posts: 43

    You literally don't read my posts. I'm speaking for both sides constantly. You are currently just picking on the tunnel. If you don't read my comments rightfully, we'll reach a dead end. And the "common survivor mistake: killer's don't care about you" is exactly the point I am making. :)

  • LuuneLuune Member Posts: 43

    Im still refering to attitude. And I'm not talking about improvement or whatsoever. I just don't like seeing early tunnel in general. I see why killers do it, i do play killer myself and without tunneling the first one down its rough. Still: The idea of it is just what frustrates most players. As i said previously: the game says i got a chance, but im not granted one due to another players decision.

  • ReddRedd Member Posts: 826
    edited June 2019


    "The game says I got a chance, but I'm not granted one due to another players decision."

    Where did the game explicitly say you get another chance? Generally, when a game says you get another chance, it will actually give you another chance. Something like end game collapse for example is the game saying the last survivor gets one more chance. It does this by directly giving them another chance. Two in some cases.

    Struggle phases are more of the game giving the other players still playing something to compete over. All you are is another optional objective for survivors to do and for killers to defend. If the survivors cannot or will not accomplish that objective, then you do not get another chance. If you were owed one, then the game would flat out give it to you instead of letting you die on your first hook.

    The only difference between this and gen rushing is that the killer gets to keep playing the game through until the end.

  • LuuneLuune Member Posts: 43


    What I am saying is, that thats the point where frustations grow from or thats the mindset of someone being on the hook. This "you are potentially not dead" is prolly also the reason when survs get salty.

  • Pike_TrickfootPike_Trickfoot Member Posts: 437

    The hook having stages grants a chance based on the actions of others. I am salty during game when my first hook goes to second stage or outright death. People take the time of hook stages for granted, but it's part of the 'second chance' mechanic.

    This is a game of choice. Do I save? Do I run? Do I hide? The players make it competitive IF they are altruistic. Most are selfish, which is understandable. Why risk a save when I'm on my last hook? They don't realize the safety that comes from having the number advantage. Having another body is always beneficial, because that person has the potential to do something. The game never 'owes' anything, even in other games. It's always been potential and that's what makes it frustrating.

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