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Why is Looping a Big Deal?



  • Atsuka_AnarchyAtsuka_Anarchy Member Posts: 51

    I think it's fair a survivor has the chance to survive and not instantly die and it's up to the killer if they want to keep wasting time on a single survivor or not. My deaths came from smart killers not ones who wanna tunnel then come here to complain they cant catch someone fast enough.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    Looping doesn't stop you from dying, it just delays your capture. I agree that a survivor should have a chance to survive, but looping isn't it. Looping is a quasi-exploit whose purpose is to take away all the mechanical advantages a killer has in a chase and render one survivor equal to one killer. That is why it needs to go.

  • Atsuka_AnarchyAtsuka_Anarchy Member Posts: 51

    So you're saying the killer should have the clear and major advantage of a chase? So any chase is a L for the survivor. Cool. I'll have a lot of fun in red being chased and not being able to escape for very long because the killer is entitled to have my butt on a platter.

  • ArecBalrinArecBalrin Member Posts: 636

    It's kind of the point of an asymmetric multiplayer: the side with the numbers advantage should not also have the 1v1 advantage, that's broken. Your whole point rests on killers making the most of a bad situation, which isn't the topic of the thread: why killer-mains think it is a bad situation is.

    It's demonstrably true that it is the case, hence why you had to talk about when it is sometimes better to change targets rather than tunnel, rather than why a survivor should be able to stall a killer for so long so easily.

    When the game started, survivors had plenty of options and there was a diversity of playstyles. Then they found one that they liked and constantly demanded be supported at the expense of others, as well as killers.

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