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nerf/perk politics

PigsterPigster Member Posts: 137
edited June 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

they are annoying! If they nerf the killer power in general, killer perks or survivor perks. I absolutely hate this kind of balancing.

I would love to see more perks for counterplay, instead of all this nerfing. It takes the fun away and theres always the possibility to create perks that counters perks from the killer/survivor.

Recently the pig/legion, enduring nerf, but also the mom nerf and yes i know how strong this perk was. But it was more annoying to see all this toxic people who complain about everything instead of actually play against those.

Pig Traps in the endgame, it was an exciting last twist the pig could have used. A nearly impossible escape, or the closed hatch as extra pressure. I really loved that on both sides, it was exciting before the devs implemented the egc.

Legion feels also pretty useless now. He is playable, but in compare to the previous version more like a casual m1 killer.

Enduring should not just decrease the stun time for pallets, it was way better with the counter to ds. I like the new ds as tunnel punisher, but it should be possible to use enduring as counter, its a shame they changed it.

Also this nerf with mom hurts as solo survivor. I know how strong it was, but they could have made a counter perk related to the condition that comes with mom and borrowed time before the deep wounds status. Maybe something like survivor who gets attacked during the condition are broken, until the next survivor get hit while they in this phase, just as an example.

In general Im asking myself as pig main, why mom dont counter exposed attacks instead of m1 attacks. This way it was there to hurt m1 killer. Personally i never really experienced a bad time through it, it was just a bit. annoying

I play both sides on high rank, on console and im so annoyed by this.

Another problem are the newest perks for example from ghostface and jane. Either they are extreme niche perks or broken(furtive chase, Head on) -_-

Excuse my bad English and enjoy the day ✌

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