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Is this toxic?

KingBKingB Member Posts: 747

I've been learning nurse on ps4. I have decided to have some fun while I do it though. I've been using the insidious noed then blinking into the exit gate. It's so fun to pull off.

But I use Ruin too. This is what it looks like:





I'll accept that ruin and noed are crutches on nurse. So I dont use add-ons or a mori (usually use yellow/brown BP offerings). Is this toxic?

Also I'm in no way saying this is a new trick or anything. Just wondering if throwing ruin on so they don't think I have noed is toxic.


  • DBD_PinheadDBD_Pinhead Member Posts: 650

    Running 4 perks is not toxic. Running into 4 of multiple second chance perks in a single game is.

  • KiskashiKiskashi Member Posts: 1,043

    So they did all the gens without seeing the killer (nurse - probably would have heard your first blink at least) and didn’t cleanse totems with all that spare time? It’s appreciated by most it’s a meme build but just running perks doesn’t make someone toxic, only sometimes how they use them/play/act in and post trial

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,350

    If you use bitter murmur instead of BBQ, you'll know what door they're running to when last gen pops.

  • InjiInji Member Posts: 1,083

    You are free to use perks and add-ons as you see fit. It differs from person to person what they deem as toxic.

  • FailofawiggleFailofawiggle Member Posts: 2

    As a surviver who plays a lot of swf, i think it would be pretty cool seeing someone do that. Pretty smart too youll have the lot too scared to open the door most likely after your first attack. I would be careful with that though, you could get reported for exploits if whiney survivors get their way

  • dannyfrog87dannyfrog87 Member Posts: 436

    no do or use everything too your advantage too kill them and stall the gen rush. you are playing a game as a killer vs survivors if people think thats toxic they should take a good look at themselves lol.

  • CrispyChestnutsCrispyChestnuts Member Posts: 175

    If you're going to hang out in the exit gates, try insidious

  • RoKruegerRoKrueger Member Posts: 1,371

    @KingB The question that you should be asking yourself instead as a killer is: "Do I CARE about what survivors think or feel?" The answer is always "NO". Do whatever you want and have fun. Don't worry, be happy ;-)

  • rinarina Member Posts: 90

    I’d say replace ruin with bloodwarden.

  • weirdkid5weirdkid5 Member Posts: 2,068

    Ignore what people say and play how you want. Just don't be a douche in the post game chat.

  • KaoMinervaKaoMinerva Member Posts: 451

    Try these Nurse sets...

    1. BBQ, Sloppy Butcher, Nurses Calling, Shadowborn

    2. BBQ, Ruin, Sloppy Butcher, Nurses Calling

    3. BBQ, PGTW, Sloppy Butcher, Blood Warden

    4. BBQ, PGTW, NOED😈, Blood Warden

    5. BBQ, Devour Hope, MYC, NOED

    My personal favorite...

    1. BBQ, NOED, RUIN, Nurses Calling


  • Ember_HunterEmber_Hunter Member Posts: 1,693

    Nope, not toxic. Personally, l would just start laughing that I got out played by an insidious Nurse and let them take my kill. XD

  • OrionsFury4789OrionsFury4789 Member Posts: 637

    Nothing in this game is toxic except for post game chat , it's impossible for anything intended in game to be toxic, I don't care if you are face camped or a survivor is instahealed in your face it's not toxic

  • DBD_PinheadDBD_Pinhead Member Posts: 650

    No a joke is running into teams running second chance crutch perks that rewards bad play and gives them false confidence to do toxic things like teabag. Your response is also a joke.

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