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Loading into matches is causing my monitor to blackscreen and my computer to shut down

ApeenaApeena Member Posts: 3
edited June 2019 in PC

I've tried to find people who are having similar issues, and even though there are other players reporting game crashes I have yet to find someone having the same issue as I am.

Description of the issue: After the offering screen has passed, (no offering seems to affect it) my monitor blackscreens and my computer whirs until I shut it off. This issue was happening to me very infrequently either in the patch Plague was released in, or the mid-chapter one after it. In more recent patches it's been almost every other game. This is the only game it happens in, and based on the notepad attached below it leads me to assume it's some sort of timeout error or... I don't even know.

Steps to reproduce (if possible): I don't even know if it can be reproduced, I don't know enough about what might be causing it.

How often does this occur: Almost every other game

The past couple days I've tried troubleshooting with some friends, and thus far the attempted solutions have been:

1) Turning off the steam overlay

2) unsyncing steam cloud from my games

3) uninstalling and reinstalling DBD

4) uninstalling and reinstalling steam

5) restarting dbd after each match

The last attempted solution has proved to be a band-aid fix, because the issue is very much still there if I don't restart it after every match, that just seems to be the only wall keeping it from happening as often as it has been.

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  • ApeenaApeena Member Posts: 3
    edited June 2019

    Didn't want to be posted with the original post for some reason, but here's the notepad of the most recent crash. Also I just realized I didn't include my system specs

    Processor: Ryzen 5 2700

    Graphics card: Radeon 580

    Windows 10, 16 GB of RAM.

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  • m3dicookiem3dicookie Member Posts: 74
    edited July 2019

    are you sure your not overheating

  • ApeenaApeena Member Posts: 3

    Positive, it only happens with DBD and it hasn't happened up until this point.

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