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[Ace in the hole] bugged, cant find crystal beads

FigasFigas Member Posts: 59
edited July 2019 in Perks and Add-ons

Platform: PC

'Ace in the hole' allows a survivor to find items in chests that have add ons attached to it. These items always come with at least one add on, this add on can go up to the "very rare" rarity.

'Crystal bead' is a "very rare" add on that can be equipped on any map.

Even tho 'Ace in the hole' claims to find "very rare" add ons, it is currently not possible to find 'Crystal beads' with it. You can find any other add on but this one.

I have looted hundreds of maps with this perk in my loadout and never found any that had 'Crystal bead' attached to it. I know many might claim that I'm just unlucky but I assure you that's not the cause of this occurrence.

Thank you for your attention.

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  • LonlyGamerXLonlyGamerX Member Posts: 86

    i would say u are unlucky cuz yesterday me and my friends found two rainbow maps both with crystal breads on the i would say they are extremly rare hence one of the reasons u might not find it, we as well rarly find it and ive search as well 100 hundress of chests with my friends

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