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Dead By Daylight Tournament

Hellboy1010326Hellboy1010326 Member Posts: 9

Hi I am trying to create a Dead By Daylight tournament with a couple people which you may have seen post in the Reddit before but I am gonna send a better post to theirs as they didn't describe it in that great of detail. The tournament will be held on PC and we are looking for more team captains right now for teams. If you would like to be a captain of a team you will need only 2 thing you will need a team name obviously and 5 members in that team that consist of 1 Killer main and 4 survivor mains. The tournament will work in 6 games per round and 1 teams killer would go against another teams survivors for 3 rounds and then other way round. You win by getting the most points and you earn these points by when playing the killer it is 1 point per kill and survivor it will be 1 point per escape. We will be having a prize of £50 when you win and you can have it send though PayPal or steam gift you can choose what you prefer. We will be using Batttlefy to manage the tournament what will be up soon as the person creating it is quite busy atm and we will be using discord to send out information about the tournament. If you are interested in joining as a captain of your own team or wanting to join as a member please DM Hellboy1010326#4427 on discord or comment on the post. Rules and scheduling will be send though DMs but we are looking towards starting the tournament in August/ September time on Sundays.

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