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Hitting a survivor through a pallet bug

GamerGirlMillerGamerGirlMiller Member Posts: 37

So, I was playing pig just so I could get the achievement were I had to place 125 traps on people right?, ....well there was this one time when I was playing her and I picked up a meg that I downed at a pallet. I put the trap on their head not noticing the dwight behind me (which btw is the person in the pic that messaged me) and when I picked them up the dwight threw down the pallet a little too early and i looked back at him and shook my head at him. He was just staring at me from the other side of the pallet whimpering because he was injured from earlier and to kinda tant him I decided to smack the pallet and I actually ended up hitting him somehow and he put into the dieing state. Also we were in the clowns map ifu want to know. Least to say we were both confused.

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