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New Killer with New Mechanics

tehshadowman33tehshadowman33 Member Posts: 939

I suddenly just thought this one up!

115% movement speed, tall killer, 32m terror radius.

PRIMARY POWER: Spectral Guardian

M2 activates the power. Power has a 40 second cooldown period between uses.

After holding M2 for 1 second, a tall, humanoid statue holding a spear that emits a red stain spawns in front of the killer.

The properties of the Spectral Guardian are as follows:

1) The statue DOES NOT have a collision box. The killer and survivors can walk through it.

2) The statue has a detection range of 5m and an activated range of 2m.

3) The statue detects and rotates to face any survivor within 5m of it, prioritizing and facing the closest survivor to it.

4) When a survivor comes within 2m of the statue, the statue animates and stabs the survivor with a spear IF the survivor turns their back to the statue!

5) There can only be one statue at any given time. Using the power again moves the statue to the killer's current location.

SECONDARY POWER: Corporeal Servant

Additionally, the killer may press CTRL while carrying a survivor, if their power isn't on cooldown. This puts their power on cooldown, but also spawns a mobile statue that carries the survivor in a straight line towards whatever direction the killer was facing.

The properties of the Corporeal Servant are as follows:

1) The mobile statue DOES HAVE a collision box. It moves in a straight line and can block the killer's and other survivor's movement.

2) If the statue runs into a hook, the survivor becomes hooked, and the statue immediately shatters.

3) If the statue runs into a wall or object, OR another survivor uses their flashlight on it for two seconds, the statue immediately shatters and the survivor being carried drops to the floor in the dying state.

4) If the statue runs into another survivor, it stabs them with its spear (survivor has to be touching the statue) and they lose a health state and are pushed away from the statue by 1m.

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